Beauty Regression: Barry M Black Glitter Eye Crayon EOTD!

Why is this a beauty regression?

Because I should be over chunky glitter eye pencils by now. I should be. But my hairdresser last week wore this super glittery eye pencil and it looked fierce on her.

So off I went to Boots to plonk down £4-odd for the Barry M eye crayon she used:

Barry M Black Glitter Eye Crayon

£4-odd – I remember when Barry M was…well cheaper.

Black is a super creamy black pencil with tons and tons of chunky silver glitter.

I remember having some MAC eye pencil that was limited edition with a black glittery pencil but that scratched like crazy.

To be fair to this pencil, it doesn’t feel scratchy to me.  Yes, you will find random particles for glitter on your face for a while – but it’s not horribly gritty.

Barry M Glitter Eye crayon

It does however, crease like a mother.  It creases almost right away too.  Barry M giveth and they taketh.

It isn’t THAT pigmented – it’s more of a sheer black, if that is possible, but it still gets dark enough for me. Blended out, it’s quite lovely but once again, it will crease a lot.

Barry M Glitter Eye Crayon Black

Although I like this pencil, I don’t think I’ll buy any more shades unless I have a specific craving for another shade of glittery pencil.  These do remind me of my NARS glitter pencils – they too, crease a lot, they’re a bit scratchy too, but they do make some gorgeous colours (Nars that is) whereas Barry M has a selection of brighter, younger, lurid shades.

Barry M Glitter Eye Crayon Black 1

Barry M also has the Supersoft eye crayon and the Shimmering shades. I guess I am a bit of a kid at heart when it comes to make up – will I ever completely grow out of chunky glitter, sparkly eyeliner and green nail polish?!

Check out my eyeliner gallery (sorry, no time to update the gallery at all) for swatches of the NARS glitter pencils.

Do you have any make up regressions!? (so to speak!).


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  1. says

    I’ve got this. I sometimes use it as a base for a smoky eye but it needs to have a primer underneath then to be set with a powder. And the glitter migration… OMG awful!

    The green one is really scratchy, in case you were tempted.

    • Row says

      Hi Fiona

      Oh nooo I can’t be doing with scratchy glitter, my eyes are sensitive enough! I do wonder sometimes why they use SUCH scratch glitter on the eyes