Beauty Mishap? Catherine Zeta Jones leaves powder on, erm, nose

Just a few days ago I was defending our dear Catherine Zeta Jones against the nasty Daily Mail who were calling her old, haggard and using a clearly photoshopped image (other photo editing software is available).

And then, this:


Ok, ok let’s calm down. She was in the Darling Buds of May!!! Therefore, I refuse to believe this white powdery substance around her nose is anything other than Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (other brands are available).

Remember when Nicole Kidman did it? (Albeit mainly under her eyes, but still…).

Another look:


I don’t know why Catherine always dresses like she shops in Etam. She’s so young and gorgeous – so cut down on the frump, lady!

Ok we did a poll for Nicole, it’s only fair we do one for Catherine.

Poll Time:

Why did Catherine Zeta Jones have white powder around her nose?

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  1. jaffra says

    Well whatever it is it’s not cocaine, unless she was nose-diving into a huge pile of it..

  2. says

    I refuses to believe that shes a snorter too! haha. Besides if she was it’d be more near her nostrils.

    Loved the Darling Buds of May when I was growing up, sat with my mum on a Sunday night. Loved it!