Beauty Hazards

Ever thought of how pesky being a beauty addict really is? How many potential hazardous make up actually is.

Note: Not my eye, do not have nightmares.

Went for my annual eye check up. Its one of those lazy things that some people do; in the UK cos everything is soooo expensive (don’t get me started on the dentist), that a lot of people are a little unscrupulous with check ups untill there is something wrong. I’m not sure if visiting a gynaecologist is common the the US but in the UK its really unheard of to go to one just for a check up.

Unless your Sienna Miller, I guess.

Anyway I digress. The optician said to me last time I had way too much make up and dust in my eye. Ok, ok I said, as I sheepishly packed the pigments away for a while, sticking to minimal make up but of course over time we forget, we go back to our powder eyeshadows and hard to remove Japanese waterproof mascaras.

This time the optician says I definately need to stave off the cosmetics – I have sore, sensitive eyes you see, possible infections so much so I will need to go to the damn eye hospital again for a check up.

God I love my eye make up – but not as much as I love my eyesight.

So I am going to keep it super super simple make up wise for a while and see if things clear up a bit. My eyes are forever watering, I am always picking bits of glitter and what not out of them, as well as scrubbing them like crazy to get the waterproof mascara off.

So I think I will be sticking to light cream shadows, liquid eyeliners, normal mascara for a while….

There I was with my face mask on, (Nars Mud Mask), having some yummy greek youghurt and honey. Little blackish dots appeared in my yoghurt – me being me, I ate it anyway but I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Then I realised – my face mask was dry. It was cracking into the youghurt when I went to take a mouthful!

The moral of the story is, wash your face mask off before you eat. Unless you like the taste of mud.

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