Beauty Find! Brush Stand & Washing Tool

I love browsing in bargain book stores – stationary and books must be two things that I just love to buy guilt free….its “educational”.

I spotted these two in the bargain book store (The Works)- a brush drying tool for 99p and the brush washer for £1.99:

brush washing stand.jpg

It’s like getting a flat pack!:

brush washing kit.jpg

Read on!You basically click the bits together – very easy. I have a lot of make up brushes and it drives me insane when I wash them. This stand is a great way to keep them neat and tidy, off the counter etc.

brush washing.jpg

Although you must remember to get rid of all the excess. Infact you can even let the brush dry out a little bit first then stick it in the holder. You don’t want water seeping into the ferrule of the brush – it will loosen the glue and make the hairs fall out:

nail art kit brush washing.jpg

This holds 49 brushes so I bought two. It won’t fit big brushes though.

This is the brush washer:

art kit washing brushes.jpg

I tend to use Isopropyl Alcohol when cleaning my brushes quickly (if you do then you can pretty much stick it into the drying rack after you have squeezed the excess off, as Alcohol dries quickly – but you may still want to air it a little).

If using Alcohol you need something that will stand up to it (like thick plastic or glass). Certain materials melt under the Alcohol (its drying to the skin and its not ideal to get it on yourself but its not lethal. Nevertheless you don’t want this around kids or pets, you don’t want it in cuts or your eyes or other…mucous membranes).

art kit washing make up brushes.jpg

This has various sections to wash your brushes in, holders around the edges and a well (for mixing paints – remember this is a painters kit!). I am forever looking for a jar when I wash my brushes so this is ideal:

washing make up brushes.jpg

Hurrah for arts and crafts!

Have you got any art store beauty tips?

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  1. Jen says

    hahaha…I remember seeing this in The Works in the Lowry and feeling chuffed that I had found a cheap makeup brush holder too!! Yay for dual-purpose purchases (I also use it for art brushes lol)