Beauty Experiment: Using Chizu Saeki’s Japanese Skincare Techniques

I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki a few days ago – I think its a wonderful book, and I’ve decided to use her techniques for a month to see if it improves my skin. (You can buy the book here).

I have chosen skincare from products I already own and that I think would be suitable, from Shiseido and Nars (Nars skincare is developed in the Shiseido lab).

My Current Skin…

…is not well behaved. Dry patches but oily T-zone, prone to spots around the t-zone and blackheads. Also very sensitive.

1. Cleanser Choice:

shiseido extra gentle cleansing foam.jpg

I have gone for Shiseido’s Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam because as well as being Japanese (sticking with the theme) its one of the most non drying and gentle foaming cleansers I own. It gets the skin very clean.

2. Lotion Choice:

shiseido the skincare hydro nourishing lotion.jpg

The lotion used is a key part of the Saeki skincare system as she uses a lotion mask for a few minutes to hydrate the face. I am going to use Shiseido’s Hydro Nourishing Softener Lotion which is a clear jelly texture.

3. Serum Choice:

nars essential vitamin serum.jpg

My beloved Nars Skincare! I will use their essential vitamin serum which smells like oranges and is full of vitamin C. This must be tapped into the skin, not rubbed.

4. Moisturizer Choice:

nars skin balancing moisture lotion.jpg

Nars again – Balancing moisture lotion is light and sinks in quickly, I also have their thicker cream which is good for drier days.

5. Eye Cream Choice:

creme de la mer eye concentrate.jpg

I got this for Christmas and keep forgetting to use it! But I will use it now – it comes with a metal roller ball type contraction to apply around the eye.


muji sheet mask.jpg

I bought these Muji premade sheet masks (£1.50 for 5) but if you have to do a mask everyday then I will try to find a cheaper long term alternative. You soak these masks in water then they will decompress, then put the lotion on top.

I will also use Dove Spa’s Anti Pollution fluid if I need SPF, and their Dew Drops mask and Scrubs if necessary.

Wish me luck! Back in a month with the results!

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  1. Zereen says

    Hey Row! Where can I buy the swan necked bottle and cotton squares that she talks about in the book?

    • Row says

      Hey Zereen

      What I am using at the moment is a bottle with the long spouts on them (eBay) and I have been using cotton square from Muji – HOWEVER, Muji sell ready made cotton sheets that are cut into face shapes so you dont have to do it yourself so I would get them :)

  2. Liz says

    Hey Row! Am wondering about your results at the end of the month, did they work out for you? Really inspired to try all her techniques after reading her book.

  3. says

    Hi Rowena, I am also curious what results you got in a month! The book is great but some of her tips & tricks might not work that well with European/Caucasian skin. Happy New Year!

  4. kathy Weber says

    i just bought the book the Japanese skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki. Is there
    anywhere I can buy miss Webril’s cotton pads less expensive? online it cost $16.00
    per package not including shipping. Is there anywhere that is less or can I buy
    her cotton pads from Japan?
    Thank You
    Kathy Weber