Beauty Book Review: The Asian Bridal Look Book

I found this book whilst reading some Asian Bridal Magazine (For American readers, Asian as in Indian and Pakistani descent as opposed to Chinese. I know that in the US, Asian tend to refer to Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese etc.)

I love the strong bold looks that carry well on the strong Asian bone structure so I sourced this from Amazon.

There is a foreword in this book by Ruby Hammer, of Ruby & Millie fame, supporting the artists Naveeda & Nina Haider.

The looks are divided via color (hurrah, brides with colour!) and split into contemporary and classic looks. The classic looks are smokier and redder whereas the contemporary are fresher, has more natural lips and bright eyes.

It is a great book to look in, BUT, there is a problem with this book in that products are not listed well and the models appear to have exactly the same skintone in each section.

The models are using shades like Becca Foundation is 30 Cashew (a strong yellow tone – a lot of Asian skintones are red based), MAC Face & Body Foundation in C4 (also yellow based and I used C6 and I am not as dark toned as the models in this book. It makes me wonder if the overall effect was to give the girls lighter skin for the cameras, which would look terrible in daylight as the skin in the neck and body would be much darker.)

All the models are lighter skinned Asian models and it’s a shame she doesn’t try the colours on a darker tone.

For example, Stila Lip Glaze is listed a few times – but in what colour? Even if it is clear, it needs to say so.

Additionally there are absoultely NO tutorials. No advice on choosing base, on how to make up last (important for brides) or how to apply. Just a point and pick book, and presumably, should you want to do the make up yourself, you would have to figure out how to do it. I know it is called a ‘look book’, but I think most people buying this would expect some constructive advice,

But nevertheless, its a nice book to look at, the make up is glamourous and flawless. I recommend buying Asiana Bride Magazine instead, since it is cheaper, and has up to date looks with real contacts you can use if you like the look of the make up.

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  1. says

    I never saw the The Asian Bridal Look Book but in your review. I guess it really looks good and I observe that you are commenting about their color tones and make up. I believe that if you want to create a beautiful look ,you need to do some experiment and make a step by step procedure for people who wants to try it. Anyway, Thanks for providing real review.

  2. says

    Very helpful review, will definitely have to have a look for this book as it would be very helpful for me as a makeup artist.