Beauty Book Review – Make Up Your Mind, Francoise Nars

Coming in a hardback, spiral bound format, Make Up Your Mind is a stylish beauty book and not your typical Make Up Manual.

Divided up into sections by a sheet of acetate, each look shows the bare face (before) then the after face on the right, with neat lines drawn in the acetate to show where colour has been added and in which shade.

Skip to the end of the section for a description of what order products were applied.

He tackles natural looks, brights, pastels, bright lips, skincare – it is a beautiful book to look at and shows the skill of Nars (seamless application anyone?) and clear photography. Only criticisms are he only uses Nars and some colours may be a little harder to replicate, also some of his shades are out of stock (for example a look a like featured Tiger Lilly eyeshadow duo and Xanadu Lipstick – both disc.) It is nice when an artist can use different brands and offer some alternative, as NARS is not cheap. He also plugs his skincare as opposed to recommend a certain type of cleanser – like offer a oil based one, or water based etc. (But I do use Nars skincare and it is AMAZING but not cheap. Recommendation – buy the gift sets. You can get cleanser, toner and moisturizer for £85, you basically get the toner worth £28 free.)

The images also follow the same format, of very close up facial shots – this can be repetitive, but this is a no fuss book in that way.

I recommend this book but it might be difficult for the beginner as the instructions are not brilliant and there are no photographs of the colour being applied.

All in all – 3/5

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