Beauty Bargain Hunter: Decleor!

I’ve never been one for Salon-type brands, although I have tried a few – Dermalogica, Elemis, Carita- all lovely, don’t get me wrong, but its just not one of those counters I stop to look at….

Its like when you go shopping with a teenager and she wants to look in Footlocker or JJB sports *shudder*…I feel out of place. I always wonder if some little scally boy will push last me and scratch my Alexander Wang Coco Duffel with the zips on his crunchy Henleys jacket type garment.

Decleor Aromessence Essential Balm 15ml on eBay (end time 26-Nov-09 11_28_23 GMT).jpgSo yeah, I don’t like sports shops. But I do like Decleor! I had a massage with their products at Titanic Spa, and since then have bought a few bits to try at home. Its not a cheap brand though so I headed to my beloved eBay to pick up some of the Decleor Aromessence Essential Balm (15ml) and Decleor Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Serum (15ml).

The Decleor Aromessence Essential Balm retails at about £26 – I got it for £10.

The Decleor Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Serum retails at £28 – I got it for £11! Shipping was only £2 for both items!!

Reviews are coming up shortly – I have started using them and they are really lovely.

eBay seller is taram7848 his/her shop is here.

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