Beauty 103 Book Review

I mentioned below a series of books called Beauty 101, 102, 103, which I can’t read but love the pictures to!

Beauty 103 came with a DVD and I’ve had a chance to watch it a few times. It’s a pretty good vid!

It is divided into three main sections – one his the base and a very natural clean look, then it is a shimmery, smokey evening look (but not over the top) and also how she ties her hair up and there is a third section with glam looks and how to apply false eyelashes.

I think Janet, who is the (very pretty) model and make guru is a very bubbly presenter, and I loved seeing her bathroom and stash of make up. I was also interested in her base routine. She uses (in order):

Benefit – Dr Feelgood on Tzone, then

Estee Lauder Illuminator on Forehead and under eyes, and around the nose, then

Benefit – Something Kinda Groovy Foundation, then

Chanel (this wasn’t named but I am pretty sure from the jar) Vitalumiere concealer right under the eye, then

Laura Mercier Illuminator in a V shape at the top of the cheek bone and eye area, then


There is quite a lot of products, and she has excellent skin to begin with, so I think the emphasis was on highlighting the skin, and making it glow rather than covering blotches or unevenness (Benefits Foundation does not really offer good coverage, it evens out texture more than anything, IMO!).

Nevertheless I have bought the majority of products she has used to see if it works for me (except for Laura Mercier’s highlighter pen – I use Maquillage’s which is just amazing).

All in all it’s a great DVD and uses a different format to the usual artist working on a bored model thing.

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