Beauté Cosmetics Stocked in the UK!

You can now buy those glorious Beauté Lip Products from a UK based website, Coco Beau!Do you already know? Well if you don’t, now you do!

I want this set:

The Electra Gift Set _ Coco Beau.jpg

Not only because Electra is my favourite little cat, but because I must have Masochist Lip Creme, and I love the Liqui-Gel Stains. At £57 it sounds expensive, but divided by 3 its £19 each. Yeah, thats acceptable.

Thanks to reader Reezie who drew my attention to this!

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  1. Halifax says

    That’s awesome for a Canadian brand to have UK access :-) The price you have to pay doesn’t work on exchange rate favour though. Things are expensive there

  2. reezie says

    Me again. Tried the site earlier and it wasn’t working. hoo.. but now its back ..sigh of relief. For a moment I thought I’d hallucinated masochist lip creme or just dreamt it!

  3. Naz says

    That’s fab! Thanks so much for letting us know, I’ve been wanting to try this brand out for ages!

  4. says

    I got this email as well from beaute! Am very excited, except that it does work out to be a little expensive. oh well at least i’m saving on shipping!

  5. Lola says

    thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. can’t tell you how long iv’e been lusting over the brand.

  6. reezie says

    I got the Masochist creme (my second , so good I have to have a spare), and Fluron stain and Trace. Love love love them all! They came in a dinky box, and I only ordered them the day before yesterday! They are completely as good as expected. I could have gone mad, so got the ones I knew I’d love. What have you guys tried?

    • Row says

      Hi Rezzie

      I have my eye on the stains (flouron and neon) and masochist. I could go mad. Weird thing is if I want to go mad it tend to make me not buy anything at all! Nuts but true!

  7. reezie says

    Thanks Row. Wish I had the same response to my mad cravings! But, its official: Masochist and Fluoron have become my every day staples. In the morning I gently dot and rub in Fluoron, on cheeks and lips, then rub in the teensiest dab of Masochist to my lips, for a gorgeous pinky red pout, then smooth on a little more for a more wow sexy red for going out after work. I’m sure I’d love the others as much and haven’t tried the glosses yet, but finding it hard to use anything else now as I so love how they feel/look. I can hardly wait for other lines. Apparently they intend to expand the range, but I asked when and they didn’t know. Darn it! Well second thoughts maybe that gives me time to save up!