B&C Labs Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste Review

The B&C Labs Tsururi range focuses on blackhead and pore care.  They have some brilliant products like the Charcoal Soap (which I will do a tutorial on at some point) and a blackhead cleanser (which I sell on Cosmetic Candy Shop!).

I purchased one of their newest releases, Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste.

Sony CP Tsururi Ghasoul Paste Morocco Salt Scrub

This product promises to clear the pores, remove dirt and leave you with bright skin.  The paste, scrub, face wash – whatever you want to call it, is a mixture of Ghassoul (A Morroccan lava clay) and rock salt from the Andes.

There is also charcoal in this to absorb dirt and grease. You can see from the paste it has that sort of grey charcoal colouring.

There’s also 6 kinds of natural essential oils – it smells quite fresh, a bit medicinal to me.

Here is the paste – it is SO thick.  You can use this as a face wash or just a scrub and it indicated on the packaging you can use this with a washing net to create a really rich foam.

B C Salt Andes Mud Face Scrub

I tried using this face wash in a few ways…but I’ve realised that it’s just not for me.  It leaves my skin feeling SO dry.  Really tight and almost shiny – which is disapponinting.

Used solely on my T-Zone it does a better, especially around the nose but I won’t use this on the rest on my face because it feels so uncomfortable.

This might be best for ladies with very oily skin who can handle this kind of product which is quite frankly, stripping.

I bought this item from eBay.


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  1. Jen says

    I’ve been looking for products that contain rhassoul ever since I had a rhassoul mud treatment at the spa…it was amazing for my skin and hair!!