Battle of the Purples: Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyeshadow Palette Warm Ocean and Sheer Contrast Eyes Lavender Coral

I have a beauty lust list of some items I really want but are expensive and I can’t justify buying. Then when I achieve something new I got to the hit list to give myself a treat.

This was the case when I bought not 1, but 2 purple/lavender palettes I have wanted for a long, long time. More than I wanted this full set!

These two palettes were Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender Coral and Ocean Scene Eyes in Warm Ocean.


Ocean Scene Eyes is Lunasol’s newest collection and Sheer Contrast Eyes is a few years old. I think Sheer Contrast Eyes is probably Lunasol’s best eyeshadow collection to date.

How much do these cost?£40 each – I think that’s quite steep.

The packaging is nice – I learned recently that Lunasol do bigger cases for storing up to 8 eyeshadows unfortunately I can’t find anywhere to buy it :(

The thing with Lunasol if that you can buy the cases separately so you can just buy the colour if you already have something like the Unii palette.


Sheer Contrast eyes in Lavender Coral has a soft lavender, a pink, a soft purple and a yellow:


It’s medium pigmented, which is what it’s supposed to be “sheer” – although it is mighty high on the sparkle. Remember this if you buy it, it is SPARKLY.

I really do love this palette though:


Ocean scene eyes in Warm Ocean has a theme of having 3 light shades and one dark signature colour. In Warm Ocean this is a deep aubergine and that shade makes it. I have no interest in baby pink and baby blue on their own but in the palette it just WORKS:


This eyeshadow is richer in pigment and softer than Sheer Contrast eyes but I don’t see this as making it ‘better’ – just different. The purple is pretty and I love this new range of shadows from Lunasol:


I’ve been wearing Warm Ocean a lot – less fall out too (Sheer Contrast does leave you with a bit of a sparkly face!).

I’m glad I bought these, I’ve been lusting after them for so long!

Have you got any eyeshadows on your hit list?

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  1. visenya says

    Sheer Contrast in Lavender Coral is one of my all time favourite lunasol palettes. I think it’s actually my ONLY purple palette. Can’t say I’m a fan of the ocean series though…