Battle of the Cream Bronzers: Chanel Bronze Universel vs MAC To the Beach Beach Bronze

I purchased MAC’s To The Beach Beach Bronze Cream Bronzer (Geez – try saying that after a few drinks) first, then I purchased the Chanel Bronze Universel in a moment of weakness.

I was kicking myself, thinking that I had basically bought the same thing twice. Not so, my darlings.


Overall, I’ve found the To The Beach collection a disappointment, so much so that I can’t even be bothered going through my purchases.

Anyway, so there I was with two cream bronzers, both brand new, and kicking myself for buying yet more similar-ish stuff that I can’t use up.

Here is my quick comparison between the two…



The Chanel Bronze Universel is very generous in size – 3o grams exactly for £28. The MAC was £18 for just 6 grams of product!


Easy here – the Chanel is study, glam and easy to use (the large area makes it easy to sweep a brush over).

The MAC seemed cute to be but its actually very cheap feeling and there’s no mirror (there’s no mirror with the Chanel either but the Chanel to be is clearly a dressing table item, the MAC is a compact).


MAC’s is soft and creamy but also a bit oily. Urgh, this give me spots just thinking about it.

Chanel’s is quite firm and not so creamy. However, I prefer Chanel’s as it gives a more natural finish.


Both I think would be wearable for fair and medium skinned ladies alike. Both are quite natural and both if you ask me, are a little orange.



Chanel’s is natural, matte finish that sets and doesn’t really budge.

MAC’s is very glittery underneath top layer! You do not want this all over your face or over areas with pores etc.




Its like comparing Monica Bellucci with Kerry Katona; one is naturally beautiful and classy, the other is brash underneath the surface and altogether quite greasy.

Chanel Bronze Universel FTW unless you prefer something creamier and more glittery.

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  1. Lisa says

    The Chanel looks much smoother, and I think the color is better for your skintone. I am pink, so have a very hard time finding bronzers that look natural. I settled on the lighter shade of Smashbox matte powder bronzer, just make me look slightly sunkissed.

  2. nadine graham says

    hi i just got my mac to the beach bronzer and not even used it yet .. =] lookin forward to it tho i love mac i also like chanel tho this has been helpful thanx, does the chanel bronzer give the skin abit of a shine ? x