Barry M

I went for a forage today at the Barry M counter.

Barry M does affordable eyeshadows, polish, lipsticks that are all bright and fun. To be honest the last time I bought anything from him was when I was 18 and had never heard of lid primer (I still have those pigments…somewhere).

In the spirit of adventure and after drooling at the selection on his website, it was great to see them all in person.

Before I saw them I had lemming for 10 of the shades – after I had seen them and swatched I wanted…two.

And I am the girl who wants everything.

The colours are all really good fun and good quality. But behind most of the shades is a smattering of chunky glitter. Now I am normally the kind of girl who will happily dunk my face in a bowl of glitter but…maybe its my bones creaking but I wanted colour and shimmer, but sophisticated. Nothing too showy. There was just too much glitter in a lot of the colours even for me.

I purchased Chocolate and Khaki – and I swatched 20 shades on my hand.

Chocolate is a deep, warm choc with gold and Khaki is a rich deep leaf green.

I also loved the Eye Pencils (super soft) in brown and green. These are heavily pigmented and very very soft to use – will make a great base.

A primer is a MUST.

Its loose pigment so it would be silly not to use a base – plus I swatched the colours about 1.5 hours ago – and it has faded away apart from a stain with the stronger colours. There is no way these pigments will last without a good, sticky primer or cream eyeshadow/pencil.

Overall – the shades are fun and its a cute brand but it is not of supreme quality and I don’t know why, but seeing the brand in person after a while hasn’t made me want anything else from them.

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  1. Chica says

    I know what you mean about them not being sophisticated – they really aren’t but I still love the dazzle dusts, I like to do bright eyes when I’m clubbing and their colours really stand out – plus they make my eyes pop if I use them as liner.
    I’m 21 so crazy glitter still appeals – no doubt when I’m 30 and look back at photos I’ll think wtf!

  2. R says

    Hey Chica

    Well I am using the green today for work, over the green pencil and it IS stunning – (the make up not me!) – the pencil is FAB and the perfect sticky base.

    I am still earlish 20s too, hehe, and I LOVE brights even for the day. I would imagine you need industrial primer to make dazzle dusts stick through clubbing?

    Do you prefer this to MAC pigment? I have 100 of the piggies but you know, i dont even use them, ever,

  3. Chica says

    I think I prefer them to MAC pigment..maybe… O.o
    YES. Only because there are colours from Barry M that I like best, Emerald Green & Red in particular ( overkill put together but I’ve still done it before )
    I slather on a lot of UDPP and they seem to stay pretty well, unless the club is really hot and muggy and then it slides a wee bit but everyone is drunk so I doubt they really notice :oP
    I’m scared to use them for work as people seemed disapproving when I used MAC shimmermoss shadow (?!) so I stick to neutrals bleh…
    Is MAC your fave for eyeshadows?

  4. R says

    Hey Chica

    Shimmermoss is nothing! tut tut the people u work with!

    I am not a MAC girl at all to be honest. I am not anti using MAC but I find a lot of people obsess over the brand when IMO, it isn’t even as good as a drugstore Japanese brand like KATE. Plus they seem to repromote things a lot – I like to see things change including colours, packaging etc. 😀