Barry M Instant Nail Effects Review – Giraffe Like Nails!

A few weeks ago everyone went gaga for this thing, called Barry M Instant Nail Effects Polish (ok I nearly linked to the Barry M page but the music was so irritating I had to close it. It was like Tetris music, but not good Tetris, crap replica Tetris like on those crappy 15 games in 1 consoles your cheap ass uncle would buy you).

But I digress.

I am not immune to hot products of the moment, so I bought a bottle of this Instant Nail Effects stuff whilst I was in Superdrug – £3.95.


The premise is simple, even for a nail dummy like me – paint your base coat, add the top coat and just wait for it to shrink and create a unique grungey -giraffey type of effect.

Base coat:


I don’t know what I was expecting – either something rather childish that I would never wear out the house or, that it just wouldn’t work on me. If there is someone who can make something not work, it’s me.

So I slapped on the black:


Urgh I thought, urgh. But it kept going and eventually transformed into a crackly effect, matte finish – I LOVE it! I think it looks really good on the pale green too.


It’s totally idiot proof – you can have hours of fun with this! It was so cool even Mr C came over to watch. “Huh, that’s clever” he said.

Nail Effects is on sale at Boots and Superdrug where there are Barry M counters, of course!

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  1. says

    I have this too. I wore it on Halloween over an orange nail polish, and everyone who saw it thought it looked cool.

    Mint: I applied it in three quick strokes and it took just a few seconds to fully crack.