Bargain Hunting: ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner Review

Bargain Hunter Candy, thats what they call me. Honest. First to the bargain bin if I can help it.

When it comes to bargain hunting, there are so many fab brands about at the moment that sell affordable make up .When I was 15 or 16 and getting into this stuff, all the foundation were hideously piggy pink and the lipsticks were completely frosty.

So I bring to you a new bargain product – ELF (eyes, lips, face) Studio Cream Eyeliner.

E_F Studio Cream eyeliner.jpg

I love cream eyeliners. Don’t tell anyone but I bought four, all in black last week. Don’t ask.

This little pot of eyeliner comes in four shades – Coffee (brown), Black, Midnight (a dark grey) and Ivory (white).

I picked ivory cos…I don’t need another black eyeliner *hangs head in shame*

elf cream eyeliner.jpg

So the ELF cream eyeliner comes in a nice little pot light this. Its a lightweight one, other liners I have come in glass jars. Just an observation…

I like the ELF Studio packaging. Can’t go wrong with BLACK and SIMPLE I say.

Now, I picked Ivory which isn’t a dead flat white after all – its more of a pearly snowy white:

elf cream eyeliner-1.jpg

I was relieved – although I liked the idea of a white cream eyeliner (since I don’t have one already) it would be hard to wear.

Its not like I can comfortably wear cream eyeliners on my waterline (my eyes water a lot) and a opaque white line across my eyelid would look like tipp-ex.

(Did you ever do this? When I was at school, girls would use tipp-ex as nail paint and eyeliner. I went to a high class joint, honest).


ELF Studio Eyeliner Cream Ivory.jpg

Its a sheerish white – reminds me of icing.

I haven’t tried the darker colours so I’m not sure what the pigmentation is like for those shades.

Here is what its like on the eye – it actually looks like a silvery grey on my warm olive skintone – I like it!

elf cream eyeliner eye make up.jpg

The texture of the cream eyeliner is good although its not buttery soft – I would say that the ELF cream eyeliner is soft enough to spread easily on the eye without tugging but its not as creamy or rich as say, Bobbi Brown’s Gel eyeliner.

But to put it in perspective – one of these ELF Cream eyeliners cost £3.50 each and Bobbi Browns are £15 each. You could buy all four shades of ELF for less than the price of one Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner!

I am finding that my Gel Liners are drying out quite quickly too – obviously finding out your ELF eyeliners have dried out is not quite as devastating as finding out you’ve wasted a draw full of Bobbi Brown and MAC gel liners.

Elf cream eyeliner-3.jpg

I also have to mention that the staying power is excellent. I don’t think it waterproof (more water resistant) but I swatched it on my hand and after a shower and it was still there.


For the price, its an excellent Gel eyeliner and well worth trying especially if you want to experiment with different colours but don’t want to pay £15 a pot.

Buy it here for £3.50 each.

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  1. says

    I was really curious to try ELF cream eyeliner..and elf doesn’t deliver to pakistan so my elf cream liner is on its to pakistan frm USA.*sighs* beauty blogging can be fatal to wallet but yayeee to $3 I paid.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’m afraid it was only 5 years ago that I was sitting in in class painting my nails with tippex and then colouring it in with scented gel pens. Ah I’m south east london’s finest export I tell you.

    Would this be good for a base for more pastel coloured eyeshadows? x

  3. says

    That looks really good on you! The pigmentation looks fairly decent too. I have MAC Fluidline in Frostbite, which is also a shimmery white, but I’m kind of underwhelmed by the pigmentation and the price. So ELF’s version seems like a good item to try.

  4. Rachel says

    LOL they used tipp-ex on their eyes?! Sounds dangerous! I love how that looks on you. It’s not like stark white. It looks delicate & pretty.