Bargain Hunter: Avon Haul

Well well well. With the economy in crisis and the pound weaker than ever against the dollar, one must be frugal when indulging in hauls, which is not easy with al the Spring goodies coming up. Not easy at all.

I like Reece Witherspoon and her giant chin, I really do. She was on TV telling me about her cheating husband new Avon Super Shock mascara, and I bought. I bought it because she is so lovely and wise.

And then I ended up with other stuff. I might add that I hate the way the Avon website looks (it is no where near as good as in the US and we don’t have MARK), and I don’t get a granny dropping off my Avon catalogues anymore so basically I had to buy from eBay (which has many Avon sellers).

Avon Super Shock Mascara in Fall Green and a LE tube in Midnight:



I haven’t had the chance to try the mascara out yet, but let’s see. It reminds me of Cover Girl Lash Blast and L’oreal Voluminous – the whole big brushes. big lashes thing. I have been dabbling more with drugstore mascara’s but my verdict is so-so. Lash Blast I have found clumpy, Volumnious I owned for less than a month and that has gone quite thick too – my good Shu Mascara’s can have a nice texture for months and months, so there you go.

Diamonds Glaze wear lipstick in Rhinestone Rose:


This is a lovely lipstick and quite close to the Japanese style liquid shine ones. It has tons of little silver sparkles – very nice indeed.

In a blink eyeliner and shadow in steel smoke – a dual ended product with a liner and shadow:


The pencil end of this is atrocious – really hard and needed a lot of warming up to use. The powder end is a silver shadow and its fine, nothing to write home about.

Cynthia Rowley Plum Gloss:


Quite a nice gloss…that’s about it.

Arabian Glow, Sky Blue Liquid Eyeliner and Styx Emerald Eyeshadow:


The eyeliner is a very nice colour I love how bold it is, although the colour isn’t 100% consistent which means going over the line. Once set its fairly long lasting. the Styx Emerald eyeshadow is DIVINE! So glittery and pigmented, gorgeous – but without a base it wouldn’t last but with a base it will be perfect. I have my eye on the blue one of this pencil now and the bronze because it’s just lovely.



With Flash:


Everything cost around £20 which is like, less than one Nars duo so I won’t grumble. The only let down is the dual ended pencil with is meh, the lipstick is gorgeous, the eyeshadow, liner and mascara are great. I wish we did have an avon lady, how exciting would that be to have someone come to your door and deliver a paper bag of goodies instead of a grumpy postman?!

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  1. says

    Meh. Avon’s considered a bit naff, Stateside, so I’ve never been all that crazy about it. Avon’s been tryingrehabilitate it’s image for the last few years, with Mark and celebrity spokeswhores, but I’ve never bought an Avon product that I liked.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Avon is naff here too, my love. But genuinely this stuff is really alright – i like the shade stick a LOT, the mascara I have not tried and is ok but not very asian lash friendly.