Bargain Blush Beauties: La Femme Liquid Blusher Review & Swatches

This is my first foray into La Femme products! I’ve heard other bloggers talk about the brand but I associated it with Constance Carroll….urgh, don’t ask.

I was browsing eBay and spotted these La Femme Liquid Blushers…looked inoffensive enough so I purchased two colours to try.

There are 6 shades* and for some reason they chose to make it all very pink based, which basically eliminates my need to buy more than 2 of these blushers!

I got 01 Bright Pink and 05 Soft brown. Other shades I saw were 03 Dark Pink, 04 Pink Glow and 06 Soft Pink.


I definitely have a soft spot of cream and liquid blushers more than powder – I like them if they leave a soft, natural glow and set on the skin.

This La Femme Liquid Blusher I guess, is more of a cream than a liquid, but it isn’t firm enough to live in a tub so I guess that’s why it classes as a liquid….

These are cheap. Like £2.60 each on eBay. I bought two shades – as mentioned before there’s loads of pinks so I went for bright pink and soft brown.

The brown is not brown, it’s an orange and the bright pink is fairly vivid and with a blue tone:


The texture is medium creamy, it’s nice to work with and blends in the cheeks easily, and it also seems to set and last about 4 hours +.

Most of my cream blushers are in a pot, and other than that I tend to have cheek tints. This is a nice inbetween product.

This does stain though even after just a few minutes on the skin. Here is what was left on my hand after doing my swatches:


I don’t really like make up that leaves stains anywhere, even if it’s a lipstick!

Nevertheless – I was very impressed by this liquid blush after using it for a few weeks. It’s super duper easy to blend and is buildable. The colour range is limited but you get an absolute ton of product in the tube (you only need a bit) so it will last for ages.


The ingredients list (I’m not mad about it but I don’t think it’s worse than a lot of other cream blushers out there):

Used the soft orange here:



I must admit I do like my posh make up but these cheap La Femme Liquid Blushers are a nice purchase and great value. I bought mine from eBay, they’re around £2.60 each.

*FYI The six shades:


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  1. rhamnousia says:

    You know I am loving these types of blushes at the moment. I have worn nothing but the NYX one I bought from you since the day I got it. It is a perfect shade and was just what I was looking for..something illuminate my skin without adding any pinky colour (or being frosty) and it does exactly that.

    I’ve been using it a lot but it shows no signs of dipping or anything and is so easy to use. I am goin to get rid of my powder blushers and buy some more liquid ones..these La Femme ones will be checked out asap!

  2. This looks lovely on you, it really brightens up your face without being too much!

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