Bargain Beauty Find: Stargazer Cake Liners

I was browsing eBay when I saw some cake eyeliners by Stargazer.

Stargazer is one of those funky, goth-emo type brands that I think, appeal to a teen/young adult audience, and is very affordable because of it.

I love cake eyeliners! I love the way its like painting, but quite often, although some eyeshadows can be used wet, I find that most will seal up if you constantly apply water to them. There were £2.25 each from eBay.

There are three shades, silver, white and gold:


You can tell this is a real cake liner – when mixed with water, it become like a thick paint:


The colours are pigmented and quite easy to use:


Now, I haven’t tested these yet for durability – but I am tempted to use it with something like a sealing gel so that I get maxiumum wear out of it, or a MAC gel mixing medium (Bare Escentuals and Illamasqua also make them).

These come in lots of different colours, black, green, red, blue you name it, they do it! Stargazer is a fun brand, so I am going to check out the other fun colours they do in this cake liner.

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  1. libby says

    They look super good for you!I have the white one but it just cracks off over time, which is a shame because i got super excited when i aquired it.

  2. says

    As a make up artist I am always loving products like this and it is not too expensive either. I recently bought Paula Dorf Transformer one drop of this and it turns any eyeshadow into a liner and it doesn’t crack or wear off. It costs around £15 but it will should last for months.

  3. says

    Hey Row,

    I hope your internet is up and running. I’m trying out contact lens solutions to wet my eyeshadows and it works really well. The color stays on much longer as eyeliner.

  4. Row says

    Hi Libby

    I was thinking this – as it dried it got a bit chalky so I am plumping for using more than water, a sealing gel (Illamasqua do a nice one) so it has extra lasting power!

  5. Row says

    Hi Anonymous

    You should check out Illamasquas too (although the colour range isnt big yet) Laura Mercier, Chanel had this amazing black and black glitter one too. Oooh I love cake liner.

  6. Row says

    Hi Michelle

    Sounds good. I don’t have the Paula Dorf one but I have the MAC mixing mediums, one by Bare escentuals and the Illamasqua one which all have a sealing effect.

  7. Row says

    Hi Gloria

    I heard that visene (spelling?) is good but thats a US brand! I am going to find some optrex! i find it has a slightly sticky texture on the fingers which is probably why it sticks so well! (and is eye safe of course!)

  8. Row says


    Hi! my internets been off I’ve only been able to do the most basic of tasks! I will have a look at it now and pick!

  9. mandypandy says

    If you’re going to invest in cake liners, I suggest using Rohto Zi eye drops as the mixing medium; I used to use a rosewater/glycerine solution to apply shadow as liner, but the eye drops seem to set the stuff like nothing else.