Barefoot Botanicals SOS Face & Body Cream Giveaway!

Today ladies and gents, I have 3 full size tubes of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Face & Body Rescue Creams to giveaway:
Face Body Rescue CreamAn intensively rich and nourishing cream which provides welcome relief for extremely dry, sensitive, irritated or uncomfortable skin. Our advanced natural therapeutic formula is gentle enough for all ages and may also be suitable for those prone to eczema and psoriasis. Free from synthetic chemicals including paraffin, parabens, SLS, as well as artificial colours, fragrances and animal ingredients.

Wanna win?

Lets keep it simple! Leave a comment and answer this question:

If you could hug any 3 people (real or fictional) right now who would they be?

Cat hug


1. Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

2. Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

3. Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine before he gets old and bald

The Barefoot Botanicals website is here (lovely products) and I’ll pick a winner in a week. Open internationally.

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  1. Rebecca Denyer says

    My Nan and Grandad who have both died
    My Children
    and my Dad who hasnt spoke to me in 3 years

  2. Jo Boyd says

    Right now it would be (in no particular order) Lulu because she’s just been kicked off Strictly Come Dancing, my husband, because he’s stuck at work and John Logie Baird for giving me TV to watch til hubby gets home!

  3. Teresa says

    trying to keep it light hearted so I’ll go for:

    1.Eric (from Trueblood)
    2.An Ewok (any of them will do)
    3.Johnny from Xfactor (poor guy got voted off earlier this evening while that horrible ‘can’t sing’ Frankie is still in there *shakes head*)

  4. Clare Webb says

    My children
    My auntie, who died before I could see her one last time
    Captain Jack Sparrow 😀

  5. Pippa says

    My son
    My best friend who has just had a painful relationship break-up and is being very brave
    Amy Winehouse

  6. Jen Boucher says

    Both of my Nan’s who are no longer here
    Doris Day (No I don’t know why!)
    My best friend

  7. Sue says

    1) My children
    2) My husband
    3) My parents

    I know strictly speaking that’s more than 3 people, but I couldn’t leave any of them out!

  8. Deborah P says

    I would love to get the chance to hug my Nan and Grandad just one more time, who both passed away 25 years ago, and Justin Lee Collins ( I dont really know why!)

  9. Nicole S. says

    My mother who lives in the US and is having surgery today. My husband who is very stressed out lately and my grandmother who is 91 and also lives in the US.

  10. Gemma Smith says

    1) My gorgeous boyfriend who give the best cuddles in the world!
    2) The queen – Just think it would be cool to say i had. Plus she reminds me of my nan!
    3) Phil Jupitus – I always thought he looked like a good cuddler

  11. Nicole Smith says

    1) Edward Cullen – From Twilight (don’t mind if he nibbles hehe)

    2) Kitty from X Factor – Poor girl is just missunderstood and can’t be nice to have half a country hate or dislike you :(

    3) Gorden Ramsey – A cuddle now and then might chill him out a little bit 😉 …n maybe some lovely nosh in return… Is there such thing as cundle comfort eating? 😉