Bank Holiday Weekend

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How you been? I had a false bout of swine flu – but it actually wasn’t swine flu, just indigestion. How can they be confused? Well they just can!

It’s been a busy-ish half productive, half unproductive week. What I have learned is that if you want something done, you have to take action. After feeling sorry for myself at the beginning of the week I did some ranting, kicking, karate chops and things are happening. It’s working. And I seriously need to lose my double chin, because you may be seeing my mug on a rather big box soon…

Am working on some hot make over looks and lovely photos to go with it. But what looks? Summery? Bright? Something wearable? The swatch gallery is making lots of progress and I reckon the first batch will be ready to air soon. Hopefully you guys will find it fun to use!

Ooh that reminds me. I did some (messy) nails in a Sonia Rykiel style:

Photo Booth.jpg
Sonia+Rykiel+Makeup+Spring+2009+4.bmp (JPEG Image, 400x270 pixels).jpg

Buzz Buzz, I feel like a bumble bee.

What else? I need to announce the winner of the Anastasia Brow Pencil, I will do by Monday.

Ooh, the other thing – so I was ranting about Asos this week. Just a day or so after, someone from ASOS actually contacted me and wanted to look into the whole incident. They sorted things out for me – was surprised but also pleased that they had made the effort to get in touch and rectify the situation – so there you go, they get a silver star.

My weekend starts today! Wishing for sunshine so I can go and lie in some grass somewhere. Will make sure you have enough posts to get you through the weekend.

I am thinking of a natural beauty month next month – lots of home made remedies. What do you think?

p.s. Don’t forget to add me on Twitter! I am getting into it although I am trying to refrain from saying stupid, pointless things…whoops, too late.

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    • Row says

      Hey Jac

      I have a nail polish that comes with a thin brush hehehe. Otherwise I could never do it!