Bad Customer Service at

So this is just a personal moan from me, totally objective of course, but there are certain companies that always seem to screw up my orders and things.

Take Oli is a fairly new clothing company in the UK – the catalogues look fantastic, they are well designed and look much fresher than the likes of Littlewoods, Freemans, that type of home mail catalogue.

However..they have some faults. I have found delivery from them – sporadic. My last order, I needed a dress for a wedding, and I even selected the actual delivery date – did it arrive? Nope. I emailed customer services and after 24 hours it arrived 3 days late. I know, I should buy clothing for occasions from a store, but since they guaranteed a date, they should do everything they can to deliver for that date.

Also, I have sent back a huge majority of the clothes, because for the prices they charge – not particuraly cheap, I want something made from a decent fabric and a good cut. One of the green cardigans I bought was identical to a £8 Primark cardigan I saw. The trousers are cut fairly tight, and I haven’t been blown away by any of the other garments – I kept a dress from them just cos I felt bad about sending everything back and I really really wish I just sent it back now!

Another time, I must have returned a top in the wrong cellophane wrap – they clearly did not check the actual item because they refunded me £5 instead of £35 for the item I actually returned!

Oli, for a big company have also a rubbish policy for returns – its free from courier, but not for Royal Mail returns. Most big companies, Additions, La redoute, Boots etc. (but not ASOS!) offer free returns. It is a huge huge pain in the butt to have to pay for returns, esp when you have shelled out around £5 for shipping.

They do offer free returns by courier but I have always found this unrealiable. Also I live in an apartment, and if they can find my place in the first case, its a miracle, never mind come for returns. And when you work, its not always possible to stay at home from the hours of 9 – 6pm or something ridiculous for a courier to collect. The Royal Mail return service is just far more handy for some of us.

Anyway, Oli statements stopped coming through my door, and being busy I forgot – and today I got a letter – £12 charge for forgetting to pay! Ok, I should have kept abreast of it, but I never got a statement, no reminder first, just, you were a day late – WHACK – heres your charge.

Not happy at all and have emailed their customer services to say so. I will pay the bill – it isn’t much, I am pretty much done with them.

Clothes that look fab in the catalogue, but are disappointing in the flesh, dodgy returns policy, lack of communication. At least with ASOS I have to pay for returns but I get fairly unique clothing and a decent customer service! Bye bye Oli.

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