Back from Holidays! Testing the Dukan Diet & Holiday Make Up Hauls!

I am back from my holidays ladies! You didn’t notice? Hmph!

Anyway I am tanned but this was not a good experience – full update later but I got heatstroke and my skin is peeling and flaking off, and that crazy itching is unbearable! It is over for me and sunbathing – forever!

I have also picked up a stomach bug, who I have called Terence, and am waiting for him to disappear!


How do you haul make up from a random beach holiday location anyway? Easy! When you’re a mad shopper like me! I’ll show you my random holiday and duty free hauls later.

Also I am trying out the Dukan Diet – I have skimmed the book and am starting today and will report back on Sunday as the first “attack” phase is just 5 days and you are supposed to lose a decent amount of weight.

Basically it’s proteins only but you can eat whenever you are hungry. I’ll update fully on Sunday (if it works that is!).

What else? I am rested, in a positive mind frame and ready for whatever happens next!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week….

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  1. says

    Welcome back!
    It didn’t feel as if you were gone as new posts kept popping up daily. Stomach bug and sun burnt?? Not my kind of ending to a beach holiday. Hope you recover soon!