Babyliss Pro Dial a Heat Curling Tong – Curling Tools!

As a girl with straight hair, its only natural that I crave curls! I have plenty of curling tools, but I was tempted by this Babyliss Pro Dial a Heat tong, in the large 38mm size.

They say:

These professional quality ceramic hair curling and waving irons have been specially designed by BaByliss for the demands of professional salon use, a model not available in department stores, they are of supereb quality with an easy to use tong action and include these fantastic features…

• 70 minute auto shut off
• Stay cool safety tip
• Built-in safety stand
• On/off switches
• 25 heat settings
• Swivel cord

Me and Babyliss hair products have a love-hate relationship, but generally it’s hate. I don’t know how a company that makes so many crappy, ineffective hair products is one of the most popular brands out there.

But I digress. I wanted this curler to work so badly. It has 23 heat settings, depending on your length and thickness – the thicker your hair is the higher the heat setting. Although my hair is by no means an afro, I chose the hottest setting, 23, as I wanted the curls to retain their shape.

I chose the largest barrel because my hair is very long but if you want a tighter curl you choose a smaller barrel. It could be worth choosing a smaller one anyway because the curls tend to drop as the day goes on.

I paid £25 for these. And they were………..

A complete waste of money. The thing heats up fairly quickly, about 5 minutes but it takes a while to curl your hair and even though I used a curl spray, and stayed indoors, the curl COMPLETELY dropped out in a few hours. It would not, ever, withstand a night out never mind the elements.

Of course I have Asian hair so it is very straight and it is very long but nevertheless, this was completely ineffective and a big waste of money. To be honest, it reminded me of being 15 and owning £2.99 curlers from Argos and feeling annoyed that these crappy curlers could do anything to my straight straight hair. But that was a long time ago!

On the other hand, here’s some of the other curling tools I own.

They say:

Babyliss Pro Attitude Rebel Porcelain Conical Wand

The Babyliss Pro Attitude Rebel Porcelain Conical Wand has been designed with the professional in mind. Gives amazing versatility to shaping and curling the hair. So easy to use – just take a section of hair, wrap around the cone and style. Make a beautiful cascade of curls, soft waves or ringlets.

• Porcelain barrel
• Cool tip
• 25 heat settings
• 2 indicator lights
• Soft touch handle
• Heat mat included

The phallic looking curler actually does a very good job. There isn’t the usual clip part so all you have to do is roll it around and hold it there – you NEED a thermal glove because you will need to press your hair against the hot surface. The problem with this is that you need both hands in action – one to hold it one to hold the hair down and I am more of a multi tasker so that irritates me quite a lot.

I also have the hot roller set:

they say:

30 Ceramic Roller Set (BAB3031U)
With 4 different sizes, this heated roller set is ideal for creating movement, body and defined curls, plus the Ceramic technology gives the ultimate high shine finish.

30 heated rollers: 6 small, 8 medium, 8 large and 8 jumbo
Ceramic for even heat distribution and shiny, smooth curls
Easy grip rollers with cool rims
15 super clips and 30 colour coded metal pins
2 temperature settings
Space saving folding arm for vertical positioning

This is the best product I have of the three, by far. It gets very hot though and you need to work fast, grabbing you hair, and wrapping it round the roller than securing it with the black clips. You only get 20 clips, which is dumb because there’s 30 rollers – it would be good to be able to buy more clips for people with a lot of hair like me.

This heats up properly in about 15 minutes but it doesn’t really take much more time than the tongs – because you can only do one section at a time whereas with these you can quickly pop them in in about 5 minutes, and leave them alone to cool off.

The curl is also very effective and long lasting even on my hair. I think you can get this for about £37 and it’s well worth it. However what I don’t like is that it’s quite big and gets in the way!

Verdict: Get a perm.

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