Baa Baa: Lanolips Lip Ointment – Review & Swatches

Whenever I was younger, my aunt and I used to drive through the country side quite a lot and we’d always count sheep.

Sheep are not as cute in cartoons as they are in real life. Sheep are kind of stinky and a bit vapid, unless you count the BAA-RAM-EWE ones from Babe. Not vapid? Have you ever had a successful conversation with a sheep? No, didn’t think so.

Now, if sheep looked more like this, I’d be inclined to keep one at home as a pet:

Natural Lanolip Lip Balm .jpg

Yep – today I am reviewing Lanolips Lip Ointment. The product is made from a ultra medical grade of Lanolin, apparently the purest and most natural form of Lanolin available.

There’s a fab fact page on the Lanolips site here if you are interested in the history/facts behind it, and it surprised me since I had all kinds of misconceptions about it.

Here is the range:

Natural Lanolip Lip Balm - Lip Moisturiser - Lanolips™-1.jpg

I was sent these lip ointments to try, all the way from Oz. There is one clear balm (can be used for all sorts) and four tinted balms (these contain SPF 15):

lanolips .jpg

I am guessing these are like a lot of natural balms/oils – they warm to the body temperature. Its squeezes out and is quite a firm texture:


The tube actually says that Lanolips should be stored at 25°C, because as a completely natural ingredient it can’t be kept in a hot temperatures.

Anyway, the result is a super glossy, hydrating balm – it doesn’t smell of anything, and its nice to use…


Dark Honey:

dark honey lanolips.jpg

This is a really elegant colour, probably the darkest of the set.

lanolips dark honey.jpg


sunshine lanolips.jpg

This is a lovely warm coral orange which is just my kind of shade, especially in the summer:

lanolips sunshine.jpg


apples lanolips.jpg

This is a sheer glossy red – its quite pigmented so be careful when applying:

lanolips apples.jpg


rose lanolips.jpg

This is my favourite day to day shade – its a nude mauve rose colour:

lanolips rose.jpg


Lanolips is a lovely, lovely product and well worth trying if you love lip balms (who doesn’t?)

The tinted colours are well pigmented so it can truly substitute for a lip colour and it has SPF 15. THey are 60% pure Lanolin, the rest is pigment (for the colour) vitamin E, spf and oils.

The clear ointment is a good multi purpose product (have used it on some ezcema I have on my arm) and it worked well, better than 8 hour cream cos it doesn’t make me smell like a medicine cabinet.

Its also completely pure and can be used as nipple cream…

I would highly recommend checking out the Lanolips site if you have reservations about Lanolin, as its informative and Kirsten (founder) really knows her stuff.

Yes – I recommend them and I would definitely order when I run out!

You can buy the product here (ships worldwide). Its $13.95 AUD for 12.5ml for the tinted colours, and $17.95 for the clear ointment 17.5ml- and yes, you can pay by Paypal.

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  1. Ashley says

    “— can be used as a nipple cream…”
    I wouldn’t mind Rose or Apple. Maybe I’ll ask a friend to ship some over along with a Kangaroo Ball sack pouch… :)

  2. says

    Sunshine looks GEORGEOUS on you! So lovely. Apples in my 2nd fav on you. They compliment your skin tone really well.

    I have dark pigmented lips so I doubt these would work for me, but gosh I want to find out!