B.Sensible Breatheable & Waterproof Pillow Cover Review

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that in the Candy household, sleep is a rare thing (sob) so I am always willing to try out new things that can make my brief naps more comfortable.  I was offered the chance to try these waterproof products from B.Sensible – a fitted sheet and a pillow case. 

WHA? you say? What can you possibly have to say about a FITTED SHEET??? Well, what interested me is that these products have some benefits apart from being waterproof; the are thermoregulatory (help control the temperature) and also work as a dust mite barrier! Dust mites get EVERYWHERE!

B Sensible Breatheable Waterproof Pillow Cover

Thefitted sheet is made of Tencel which is a natural finer and is ideal for sensitive skins – which I, Mr C and Baby H have.  It also dried quickly so is supposed to help you save time and electricity! 

These products are also durable enough to just chuck them into the washing machine, you don’t need to hand wash them or anything.  B Sensible Breatheable Waterproof Pillow Cover 1

The fabric itself is quite soft and looks sort of…a bit waffly.  You know like the surface of a waffle with little holes in it?  It’s quite substantial too but it does do a good job of making me feel well balanced temperature wise.  

One thing I would say though is I personally found the fitted sheet a little rustle-y.  I could hear it as I flipped myself one way or another through the night and over time this quickly eases off, but at the first, it does make a sound.  

B Sensible Breatheable Waterproof Pillow Cover 2

Maybe it’s just me but I can sometimes wake up with blocked sinuses and I did wonder if this was dust and pollen and what not gathering in the bedroom.  However, with this sheet I noticed I had a much clearer head generally and also sinuses! Using the pillowcase too, I really feel like everything is generally less…dusty….not that I don’t hoover cos I do, a lot, but you know some places are just….dusty.

You can buy the B.Sensible products here.

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