B & C Makemania Nudy Lip Concealer SPF 15 Review

I don’t actually conceal my lips a lot (even though they are very pigmented) and I don’t INTENTIONALLY put foundation over them but it turns out that way most mornings as I am in a rush to get ready.

(Yet somehow, I have a Kiss me , Beautymaker and SANA lip concealer!)

However, I do love an interesting looking product, and I am so into the Gyaru look at the moment, which led me to purchase B&C Makemania Nudy Lip Concealer SPF 15 to try.


Lip Concealers I find, are a little kinder to people with dry lips like me, because they have more hydrating properties than using a normal concealer or foundation on the lips. The lip concealer from B&C labs looks like a gloss, from the packaging!

It also has the benefits of a SPF15!It looks like a really nude lip gloss to be honest!


The texture is not the same as a gloss though – it definitely has a richness to it, which makes it feel like very emollient concealer and a high level of opacity. It isn’t sticky or glossy either.

You need just the SMALLEST amount to conceal the lips (even full lips like mine!) so this product will last forever. I couldn’t detect a scent in the product:


This concealer does have a benefit – it creates a bit of a drier base for a lipstick to cling on to.

On the lips, or at least on me it’s more of a super pale pink than a beige:


Mmm I think it clings to my dry bits too much.

Would I wear this on it’s own? No. Not quite hydrating enough because my lips are SUPER dry and it is too pale. Don’t get me wrong, my nudes are nude, but the best nudes have some depth to it, this lip concealer is flat.

Would I use this product every day? Er no. No time. But maybe when my lips are looking very red (usually after a curry!).


It is a decent product, SPF is great but it was a bit gritty on my lips. As a base, it’s fine but I wouldn’t even try to wear it on it’s own.

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