B & C Aqua Way Super Off Eye Make-up Remover Review

My favourite eye make up remover ever is Kose Softymo Super Eye Make Off – nothing I have used has even come close in terms of quality and price.

Anyway, I’m always up for new suitors so I purchased this B&C Aqua Way Super Off Eye Make-Up Remover (stupid name). I’ve had my eye on this for ages!

There are two versions of this, cream and a water.

They say:

B&C Aqua Way Super Off Eye Make-up Remover contains the Okinawa citrus fruit extract and Trehalose that prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated after cleansing.

Effectively cleanses water-proof mascara. Contains no alcohol and coloring.


This eye make up remover smells of oranges and has a white later on top of the liquid so give it a good shake.

How well does it work? Good. It works good. But I am very disappointed.


Because I wanted it to work amazingly well. I wanted it to be better than Softymo, but it isn’t.
For one thing it struggled with mascara – usually these Asian make up removers are made to deal with Japanese mascaras that just cling on tight but not this one.

It deals with mascara just ok. It’s better with eyeshadow and eyeliner but so what – so are plenty of eye make up removers – I don’t need to import one in if all I want is one that removes eyeshadow.


Softymo is the same size, same price, just get that one!

I will finish this off but will not be repurchasing. I have to say though, it’s still better than your average high street eye make up remover.

Buy it from Sasa for $8.90.

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