Avojo Skincare – The Black Peel off Mask Review

I do have a thing for peel off face masks because I am beauty-lazy, and the thought of having to spend ages washing off a mask that’s clung to my face like tar is not very appealing after a long day.  I was intrigued by this Black Peel Off Mask from Avojo – I have tried many many peel off dark face masks from Asian brands – the concept is nothing new – but figured this one would be worth a go!

Avojo Skincare

The blurb:

Danish skin care brand Avojo bring you the ultimate, in depth cleanser which aims to reduce the production of excess oil and dead skin cells. The unique, easy to use black peel off mask is specifically developed to prevent and remove blackheads and every day build-up of dirt. Enjoy the feeling of renewed, soft, revived skin now with visible results immediately after its first use.

I was sent 4 sachets of this product (40ml in total) – when you buy this product you can also choose to buy in sachet or tube form. I have no problem with either, but I’d say a sachet lasts a few applications so best get a pal over who feels like having a face mask done too! 

Ingredients – it is quite heavy on the alcohol which made my other tester’s skin/eyes sting a little. 

Avojo Skincare 1

My first overwhelming reaction to this is how much is smells like glue. That PVA stuff you use in crafting.  This is not unusual in peel off masks of this nature (blackhead removing) but it was particularly noticeable in this product even though there is added perfume. 

Applied to the t-zone only we waited for it to try…and it took quite a while 15 minutes plus.  It wasn’t uncomfortable though and dried into a shiny vinyl layer. 

Me and Megan testing – due to the angle of my phone she looks like she has giant-head syndrome, and yes, she does have a giant head. 

Avojo Skincare 2

Peeling this mask off was a real pain. Not one area this was applied to came off evenly or easily (And I went on to test this on other people) which meant lots of little black pieces needed to be washed off. Other masks I have tried of a similar nature remove better than this, but then this one has a thinner texture than those. 

I didn’t find that it removed many blackheads – 1 or 2 at a count but my skin felt a bit smoother.  However I also got some redness on the chin and forehead after using this – perhaps not the best product for more sensitive skin types. 

In all honestly, I think I prefer Shills Peel off Black mask, which is cheaper, comes off better and also seems to take out more blackheads during the peel. But really, these kinds of face masks for me are more novelty than something I would use regularly – something that hydrates the skin and really makes everything feel more bouncy afterwards is more more my style!

You can purchase the Avojo masks here – £10 for 4 sachets or £20 for a 100ml tube. 


*PR sample 

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