Aveda Personal Blends

When you join the Aveda Loyalty Card Scheme, you get a voucher on you Birthday for a free Personal Blends product!

I had no idea what this was but I went to Aveda anyway to pick it up.

What you do is pick out of 12 blends – they varied from spicy to relaxing to energizing. Because there are so many, there are definately ones I hated and ones I liked (mainly relaxing, but not lavender – I hate lavender!)

Then you pick what you want – the Birthday value allows a product up to £24, which meani I could choose from Body Cleaner, Shampoo, Conditioner, Fragrance (there is also Massage oil, scrubs) then the product is blended.

I choose a fragrance and here’s the finished thing:

I had scent 3 – which is a blend of Vanilla, Cinnamon and Jasmine. Perfect! I am not surprised my nose choose this since I love all three of the smells separately. It is a Fire Blend and is ever so slightly warm but overall relaxing.

Although I love my free purfume I wish there was more blending to it (ie. picking a few scents to mix together) rather than picking a pre-blended oil to mix with a base.

The smell is incredibly long lasting but it is unique – I am not sure if you would use it in the same way as you would use a purfume as it does smell like essential oils as opposed to fragrance – like I just had a bath or something!

Pop over to your local Aveda counter and pick up a bottle!

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