Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner Review!

Regular readers may know that I suffer from a sensitive, itchy, sometimes flaky scalp as well as knotty ends.  This makes me quite fussy when it comes to hair products, more so with shampoo than conditioner because it’s the ‘poo that’s going to either soothe or leave me walking around like a Curious George (you know, the monkey, whose always touching his head…anyway…).

Launched in January 2012, Aveda’s Invati hair range is designed for thinning hair, to thicken the look of the hair and reduce hair loss due to breakage by 33%.  In contains a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs including ginseng and turmeric, which helps revitalise the scalp. 

I have been told that my hair is fine but I have lots of it so it looks thick. However, towards the end of my pregnancy I noticed more hair falling out and I have previously had a lot of hair loss that led to small bald patches – whilst not visible to anyone else they were quite scary to have.  

The range – very grown up looking!

Aveda Invati

I have a massive soft spot of Aveda hair products, everything I’ve tried from their ranges are brilliant although the prices are a bit steep. 

I have been using the Invati range for some time now and so far, so good. 

The shampoo and conditioner both smell quite herbally, and the turmeric especially comes through. I find this a lot with Aveda products anyway, no doubt because they do tend to contain more herbal extracts than other brands.  It’s not horrible at all, I quite like it although you may want to sniff before you buy if you are sensitive to certain scents. 

Both of the products are a light brown caramel shade. The shampoo has a really runny texture which is a surprise! Be careful not to use too much as it comes out quickly! The conditioner is thicker,as conditioners tend to be.  

The shampoo lathers nicely despite being runny. The product:

Aveda Invanti Shampoo

The shampoo really addressed a lot of my hair concerns – it didn’t irritate my already delicate scalp and I noticed less flaking (even though this is not it’s main selling point!).  It left my scalp feeling really clean but not dry – I do get a dry scalp from some shampoos and this inevitably leads to itching, which leads to scratching, which makes my roots oily, and then I am washing it every day which dries out the ends. 

With this shampoo it was nicely clean so I can wait 3 days (or 2 and a half!) before washing again. This is impressive for someone who religiously usually washes every day!

In terms of hair loss – I have noticed much less breakage and general falling out than usual. I say this in a very unscientific way – basically there’s usually a cluster in the plug hole and with these products, I see maybe 1-3 strands!?  Yeah, that’s it! 

The conditioner I have applied to my scalp, seeing as it’s full of the good stuff I figured it’s not just for the ends! It’s a decent conditioner, makes my scalp feel quite good and with a quick comb I can get through the knots.  

All in all I am really happy with his hair care range – and I am quite hard to please when it comes to shampoo and conditioner and I like how calm it makes my head feel afterwards.  I would definitely recommend it to people with fussy scalps and also thinning hair. 

The 3-Step Daily Routine:

Exfoliating Shampoo – £17.80 for 200ml

Thickening Conditioner – £21.50 for 200ml

Scalp Revitalizer (yet to test!) – £41 for 150ml 

Aveda Salons are also offering a Invati Scalp Detox Treatment (£60 for 60 minutes) – 

A new signature in-salon treatment that utilises the power of Invati to help detoxify and refresh the scalp – bespoke massage techniques, combined with Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid gently exfoliate the scalp and remove build-up that can affect the health of the scalp.  

God I would love this! The last time someone gave me a good head massage I was dribbling it was so good. 

Do you have any hair woes?

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  1. says

    Ooh, sounds lovely. My scalp is finicky, so I’d definitely like to try this. Lately nothing seems to work for it, although using a scalp brush does help. It turns out that Aveda is running a sample campaign in Japan until today, so your timing is perfect.

  2. Jade says

    I need to try this! My hair sounds similar to yours except it’s fine and thin, what a win! I will dig deep for the ££ and buy next time I’m back home