Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1: Eyeshadow & Eyeliner

I usually try and maintain some kind of system when it comes to reviews, almost a one in one out thing so that I can work through the piles of products in a democratic order.  However, sometimes I get something that I like so much I have to push it to the front of the queue…no…this review simply cannot wait.  

Aveda’s Art of Nature collection for Spring 2013 is a mixture of pastels and brights, 14 products in total;

Institute of Beauty and Wellness | Aveda Training Facility

I was sent a selection of products to try. I haven’t really used much Aveda make up before so this is all new to me! 
They are FABULOUS and interesting, which is rather important when everyone just keeps releasing the same old thing….

In this post I’ll take a look at the eye products.  There are 2 eyeliners and 6 eyeshadows in the collection (how amazing does that turquoise look?). 

Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection

I was sent a medium green (981 Papyrus) and a medium peach (984 Bare Bellis).  The eyeliner I have is Jade Vine a super vibrant green- the other shade is a deep indigo blue which is lovely too but I’m glad I have green.

I may love green, but I don’t have good experiences with green eyeliner. Most are not vibrant enough (if you’re going to do green you may as well DO green) and I don’t know how greens are formulated but I find they don’t wear well on my waterline.  I have many many many eyeliners and I can’t name a truly stand out good green eyeliner.

Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1 bare bellis papayrus jade bine

I didn’t know what to expect with the eyeliner but Jade Vine is a beauty! (The same for the lipliner which I will review in the next post). It’s a matte pencil so it feels different to my beloved metallic pencils, such as Urban Decay 24/7 which are a bit waxy and very glidey.  

The Aveda eye pencil is rich, soft, creamy, pigmented but has a ‘thickness’ to it – it’s almost like an old fashioned kohl it’s so dense textured. I was not expecting that. The result is it lasted all night, and it works on my waterline!

A note about Aveda make up if you’ve never used it before – the brand is eco-concious and recycling friendly which is why the powders (eyeshadow, foundation, blush) come in plastic, ready to be placed into a palette – the idea is to save on resources!

Aveda make palettes in a few sizes or you can use your own.  I love depotting everything so this suits me, but you should be aware that they don’t come in individual cases!

Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1 Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1

The two eyeshadows are pretty and medium pigmented. They left a sheer wash of colour which was pretty enough but these aren’t super duper NARS like pigmented. Bare Bellis is such an interesting colour – it looks nude-peach to me but there’s a lavender feel to it.

The eyeshadows lasted fine on me, the eyeliner as I mentioned earlier is super long lasting. It was the last thing left on my face!

Here I am wearing all 3 colours:

Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1 Eyes 1

Bare Bellis is just a shimmery flesh tone on my olive complexion.

Aveda Art of Nature Spring 2013 Collection Review Part 1 Eyes

I can’t think of another green eyeliner I own like this one…I may need a back up!

Petal Essence Single Eyeshadows are £11.50 each, the eye definer is £13.50.

What do you think of this eye look?  



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