August Empties, and New-ies!

Of course, this is a slight under-ggeration in the sense that I have a ton of new things I haven’t yet cracked open, but the reason I decided to blog about this months ’empties’ and new purchases is because these are ‘repurchases’.  It takes a lot for me to buy something for a second or even third time, because I always have so many new things to try.  

These are products that I have used up before and really like:

Wakilala Clear Wash Heronie Make Mascara 1

Bison’s Wakilala Clear Wash is an armpit scrub designed to help with pongy pits and to prevent ingrown hairs (since the area is frequently shaved).  It contains some beads and contains grapefruit and papaya extract – you can smell that ‘acidic’ quality in this scrub.  

I don’t actually use it on my pits that much – I use it on any where that requires exfoliation due to hair removal.  It’s good for the legs, it’s very good for the bikini line (just the bikini line mind – not the lady flaps – don’t forget this contains fruit acids) – it helps prevent ingrowns. 

Heroine Make Mascara Remover – I like Heroine Make but it’s one of the hardest mascaras to remove. It only truly comes off with their own brand mascara remover.  This one makes light work of extremely tough waterproof mascara making it a repurchase for me. 


Label m 1

My empties are quite boring – the one thing I get through a lot of is Shampoo. 

Label M Treatment Shampoo and Honey & Oat Conditioner is a really decent duo. My hair felt smoother and shiny but unfortunately it made my sensitive SLS hating scalp flake.  The conditioner smells incredible, like 20 virgins riding unicorns through a meadow.  

I also finished my beloved Aveda Invanti shampoo is which designed for thinning hair.  I love this stuff even though it’s so weird – like a runny brown liquid – it really helped prevent further hair loss on my part. 

I finished Ark Age Prepare Skin Cleanser – I rarely finish cleansers but this one – for a gel – is excellent and really didn’t dry my skin out and I think helped prevent breakouts.  Since finishing this and moving on to Shiseido, I have had two massive zits on my chin (and my face is tight!). So I will miss this one…I have so many to try though, it’ll be a while before I buy it again. 

What have you finished this month?

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