Aubrey Organics Green Algae Soothing Face Mask Review

This is the first product from Aubrey Organics that I’ve tried! This Blue Green Algae mask is for Combination-Oily skin and contains ingredients like Glycerin, Kaolin, Lavender Water, Aloe Vera Juice etc.

The packaging is naff but hey, this is a face mask, not a beauty competition:


They say: Antioxidant clay mask with active enzymes gently removes dead skin cells and helps balance and soothe stressed skin.

Well I am quite fussy about my face masks!I prefer really deep cleansing clay masks (like Nars), Sheet masks or Oxygen masks. As my skin is sensitive I don’t mess about with various masks too much.

I used this face mask on my T-zone and where I have more open pores avoiding the cheek areas.

It has a really funny consistency, even when you give it a good shake it can be a bit lumpy and watery:


Overall I thought this mask was just ok. I didn’t notice any massive difference in terms of getting brighter skin nor did I think it was that soothing – my face was a bit tight afterwards.

Nevertheless I’d try more from Aubrey Organics even though this mask didn’t do much for me – I prefer organic products and the price points are good.

This mask is £8.98 for 118ml. Buy it here.

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