Aube Gel & Shine Eyes

Aube recently released Gel & Shine Eyes as part of their Summer 2008 collection.

This limited edition range has six cream shadows with an interesting feature on the top – the silver bauble unscrews to reveal a shimmer powder.

Additionally there are six matching double ended eye pencils, one side a glitter highlighter, the other side a dark shade.

The truth is, I don’t tend to have much luck with Aube goodies. They are always OK, not spectacular – they don’t make my juddery like Lunasol does, or MAQUillage, or Lavshuca.

Anyway, I love Rinka (model for Aube) so I think that influenced my purchase. I think she’s the purdiest thing…

So in the end I bought all of the Gel and Shine Eyes and 5 of the Eye Pencils.

Gel & Shine?

From seeing the original promo pictures, I expected the texture of the eyeshadow to be quite hard and solid – instead it is a very soft cream – like melting buttah!

I don’t have a problem with this personally but it does make it a tad goey – it takes a few moments to set to become waterproof.

It is very waterproof yet it isn’t 100% crease proof. I wore it and it creased a little after 5 hours. When used with a primer however, like Urban Decay Primer Potion, it lasts all day.

The shades are beautiful and iridescent – this comes out once the cream has dried properly. The loost powder which is at the top of the jar is a chunky glitter with a hint of the shade of gel but it really is a hint – it largely looks like chunky white glitter as far as I am concerned so don’t expect it to be a huge compliment.

The eye pencil has two sides – the paler side has glitter and the darker side is pigmented and matte. They are nice and soft – a great space saver for the make up bag!

It’s still not as lasting as my HG, Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. But its a nice buy, and it is limited so don’t leave it to long if you want to try them out.

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  1. Row says

    Mandy – they are pretty funky – I rek you need at least one gel eye and pencil for your collection!

  2. asay says

    wow DEFINITELY wanna try these!!
    may i ask where you got them from?
    or where i can get them?
    i live in Cali :)