Aube Couture Designing Impression Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 553 Review & Swatches!

Aube disappeared a few years ago and became Aube Couture, quite a grown up range of cosmetics which a chic, elegant edge.  I like their products although they are made for the grown up lady so everything is quite muted and subtle.

I purchased one of their new Designing Impression Eyes in 554 which is a purple set.  As with a lot of Japanese compacts, it’s packed full with 5 colours, a mirror and 4 brush types:

Aube Couture Desigining Impression Eyes 553

The designing eye palettes have everything thought out for you and the palette essentially guides you as to how to apply the colours and in what order.

Here is the pretty pink palette! There’s some kind of slightly scrunched up silver glitter squares on the top of the palette:

Aube Couture Eyeshadow Designing Palette

To be honest 553 wasn’t my first choice, I wanted a warm brown palette, but there you go!

Note the plastic cover which is attached to the palette and therefore not really removable.  It goes from 1 to 5, and the 4 and 5 are to be applied to the under eye area.  You get a varying amount of product depending on what area of the eye it’s for.  The brushes are also numbered so you know which colour to use it with!

Aube Couture Desiging Eyeshadow Palette Purple

The colours in the palette are quite cool toned and very easy and elegant to wear! A pale cream, mid purple-lilac, deeper brown plum, a purple grey, aubergine and a peach.

Aube Couture Eyeshadow Palette Purple Designing Couture

Pigmentation is sheer to medium; I am not disappointed with this because this is exactly what I expected, a slightly shimmery sheer finish type daily eyeshadow.  There’s no oomph shade in this palette to be honest which is a shame, although I like how it is cool toned and has a taupe-grey edge to it!


Aube Couture Designing Couture Eyeshadow

One criticism I have is that the smaller eyeshadows are tricky to use if you aren’t using their sponges (and you may not want to) also it is easy to use a little too much force in which case the powder just crumbles quite easily.


This is what I expected it to be, a very pretty palette, something I can use every day without over thinking. About as exciting as a pink toaster; useful, cute and ultimately has a very important job to do.

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  1. says

    I like the way they label the colors and would be tempted to get it for that (though the purples don’t appeal to me, maybe another palette would) I have never used eyeshadow and to be honest, have no idea what goes where. its nice they make it easy(/easier) XD

  2. says

    Oooh, I totally forgot this brand existed but it was my favorite when I did a homestay in Japan back in 1999! Thanks you for reminding me, Row <3 The packaging is so pretty!
    4 is actually upper lid liner, and 5 is lower lid liner.