Aube Couture Designing Highlight Under Eye Setting Powder Review

Sofina’s Aube Couture is what I’d call an elegant brand – it looks chic, the range is chic, the colours are chic.

For that reason I also find it a little dull and expensive. Shiseido’s MAQUillage is expensive and chic but more exciting than Aube Couture.

Having said that I will still buy odd things from the brand and one item I had been mulling over because it was pretty expensive (with the exchange rate!) is their Designing Highlight Powder, used for the under eye area.


This powder is designed for setting the concealer is the under eye area and can also be used as a general highlighter.

It comes with a funky case which you have to press at either side to open:


I love the packaging, it feels so well made.

Inside is the product, in a half moon shape and the powder, which is a pale white (but not a stark white) with a faint shimmer that graduates from white to a soft pale pink. The colours can be blended together or swiped as they are.

I didn’t really notice a huge hue different between the white and pink.


The texture of this powder is lovely – it’s quite hard, don’t get me wrong but totally right for under the eyes because the light texture means it sets without caking or settling into fine lines (which a heavier powder can do).

I also find this pressed powder easier to apply than a loose under eye powder (I have a few, such as Skinfood, Laura Mercer and Bobbi Brown made for this eye area) as there’s less chance of over applying.


Also I like the effect which is brightness but not racoon eyes. It is SUBTLE.

I also love the brush that comes with this – in fact I think this is what swayed me to buy! It’s a brush that clips open so you can use it as a narrow brush or as a wide one. I find it’s more useful closed for a controlled application but I like having the option!


Clever or what!



I guess in reality this is just another step in a busy morning but nevertheless, this is the best under eye setting powder I have because the result it natural yet brightening and it’s almost impossible to use too much of this stuff.

It cost me about £29 from

Do you use an under eye powder?

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  1. kirsten T says

    oh man! £29!!!
    But your review makes me really really want to try it and I don’t even need an under eye setting powder.

  2. says

    £29 is a little eye-watering, but I guess the exchange rate is not in our favour right now.
    Have you ever tried pressing any of those loose powders you mentioned?