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I am SO behind on replying to comments (I will get round to it), and emails – I read every single message but sometimes I have so many other things to take care of I know it will take a while for me to respond.

I am not trying to ignore anyone, mind, I just have a distinct lack of time.

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So this post is a quick question amnesty* – if you left a question on another post and you’re waiting for an answer, if you emailed me, if you need to chase me up on something comment here and perhaps I can get some things answered quickly!

Good Questions

“What lip gloss were you wearing in this picture in post xxx?”

“Where did you buy xxx eyeliner?”

“Can you recommend a lipstick for xxx?”

Bad Questions

“Where did you put the remote?”

“I’m still waiting for me £40 back, when are you paying it?”

“Madam Viagra is the tool best for your love stick”

*I made that up, don’t nick it!


Comment, if you want to ask something!


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  1. says

    Lol!! You always make me laugh. Love your blog.
    One question ? What is your favourite tinted moisturizer / or Bb cream for NC 35?

  2. imoutofit says

    I think someone might have asked this already in a previous post, but where did you purchase all those goodies from your recent Etude House review?

  3. jaffra says

    Have you tried the NC35 shade of Missha BB Cream? They released a 3rd, darker one…

  4. Carla says

    I’ve got two cos I’m greedy, lol. What’s the best foundation you’ve tried with medium coverage that could work for combo skin (the cheaper the better, lol) Also, are the skinfood lip & cheek tins longwearing? Thanks very much Row! Easily the best beauty blog there is <3

  5. tiffany says

    always can’t help cracking over your blog, i even have your Cosmetic candy RSS feeds reeling as the homepage for my nokia phone! the first thing i load up is facebook and your feeds! kudos for your entertaining and very charismatic writing, that sets u apart from the rest, babe

    okok….in spontaneity to this question is, what is the best liquid foundation would you recommend for dry, sensitive skin? preferably one with medium coverage and long lasting…thanks!!

  6. Naz says

    Hey Row.

    I’d like to know if you know what’s going on with the UK release of the Chanel Summer collection. Cos I’m a huge lover of the Aqualumiere Glosses and really wanted the new one, Bondi Beach, but I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you.

  7. ally says

    Heey 😀
    I want to know what you feel is the best concealer for you..
    is it the more expensive the better?
    i also want to know how the skinfood salmon one compares to most of your concealers!

    Thanks ( i have dark undereyes :( )

  8. Lori says

    hey row,

    What’s the best nude lipstick for pigmented lips (covers well but won’t dry out?) Thanks!

  9. says

    Yay, question time!

    Mine’s sort of a dual question. I really like Jill Stuart’s eye jellies, but I can’t find any here (in the US). Where do you get your Jill Stuart stuff?

    Also, given JS’s price, are there any other eye jellies you’d recommend?

  10. Wei says

    Hi Row!
    I’d love to know which UK drugstore hair dyes you’ve tried and which ones you’ve had success with?

    I’ve only tried Japanese ones so far (Kao and Palty), but now I’m looking for something that I can just pick up in a Boots or Superdrug.

    Thanks! :)

  11. Dawn says

    I haven’t left a comment in another post or anything, but I’d like to know if you could suggest a good natural-looking (and not too hard to use for a beginner!) contouring powder for someone who’s got about O 00 or NC10-15 skin. I’m having trouble finding one that’s not some sort of orangey bronzer or totally obvious. I’m such a novice when it comes to this stuff. Wouldn’t mind looking at Asian brands and ordering online if that’s where I’ll find what I want.

    Really appreciate it! Thanks a bunch!

  12. Row says

    Hi Sarah!

    I really like Bobbi Browns Tinted Moisturizer in Medium/Dark for a NC35 match! I have just bought the Laura Mercier Oil Free one, but its too soon to say if its any good!

  13. Row says

    Hi jaffra

    I can’t find it anywhere! If you do let me know I would buy it to try out the shade!

  14. Row says

    Hi Carla

    Oh gosh – you know I am a foundation addict and I have that combo skin too…hmm I adore La mer foundation but gosh, its expensive stuff!

    I think Dior Forever Foundation is a good one for medium coverage and a good finish for combo skin (review is somewhere on the blog!) thats not that cheap but it stands out in my mind.

    I was going to say I like Bourjois foundations generally but I don’t think they settle well on the skin. I would recommend checking out MAQUIllage foundations or Coffret D’or – its sits so beautifully on the skin with full SPF protection.

    Skinfood lip and cheek tint – from what I remember it was ok, but if you get a bit sweaty like me its not going to be all day, more like, a few hours! xxx

  15. Row says

    Hi tiffany

    Oh how sweet are you? Thankyou for reading 😀 😀 😀

    Hmm I have sensitive skin too and I also prefer medium coverage.

    Hmmm. Well, this is a tough one. When my skin is really sensitive I prefer something like a compact foundation – MAQUIllage, Albion and Integrate (Power of Mineral) are EXCELLENT because you can stick on some primer, then spray your sponge and apply the powder foundation – its quick and I have no allergies whatsoever with these. The best powder foundations (I think Albion) don’t look cakey AT ALL.

    Liquid foundations – it depends. I itch a bit when the product has fragrance in it :/

    For dry skin, Clinique Super Moisture is good, its super hydrating and good for sensitive skin but you might need to powder, it looks greasy if you have anything but really dry skin?


  16. Row says

    Hi Naz

    Bondi is an Australia exclusive I believe so we won’t be getting that! I LOVE the aqua lumieres so it makes me quite sad! x

  17. Row says

    Hi ally!

    Best concealer for under eyes?

    Well I don’t think it has to be expensive! But you don’t want something too heavy or it looks cakey!

    The salmon concealer is excellent – I haven’t used it for a while but I think I might dig it out. Its got a nice creamy texture.

    I also like (for the under eye):

    Dior Skinflash
    Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector
    Bobbi Brown Concealer (with the powder on top)
    Vidi Vici Concealer
    Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (in the pot)

    There’s loads if theres one you are thinking of let me know. You definitely don’t need an expensive one, I have no trouble finding a cheap but good under eye concealer this days

    If you struggle then use a peach corrector (or salmon) then use concealer on top. Then use a brightening powder (the laura mericer one or skinfood salmon powder) on top xxx

  18. Row says

    Hi Lori

    I LOVE my nude lipsticks – but the best shade totally depends on your skintone so you have to experiment!

    I won’t recommend a shade cos I don’t know your skintone but in terms of hydration, check out:

    – Susan Posnick Lipstick
    – YSL Rouge Volupte
    – Chanel Hydrabase Colours
    – Dior Serum De Rouge


  19. Row says

    Hi Strawberry

    I get Jill Stuart from Adambeauty & I used to get it from Ichibankao.

    If you like Jill Stuart I would also try:

    – Lavshuca Eye Jellies – I LOVE THESE SO MUCH
    – Paul & Joe Eye GLoss – similar effect
    – Sonia Rykiel – also a similar effect
    – Visee Eye Jellies – lovely product but thinner

    Here are some reviews – I highly recommend the gorgeous Lavshuca ones;

    DO a search on the blog and I have reviews of all the different products x

  20. Row says

    Hi Wei

    I find that most of them these days work ok on my hair – I quite like Naturtint,because its gentle on the scalp.

    What kind of colour are you going for? I might have one here that you can have for a short review 😉


  21. Row says

    Hi Dawn,

    If you are very pale, I suggest something non orange and very light. The recent bronzer I reviewed from Soap & Glory isnt very pigmented – ideal if you are scared of contour/bronzing shades.

    I also like this integrate trio – it has a highlighter, mid tone and dark shade – you and therefore mix the darker shade with the lighter ones to get the perfect tone.

    I love the Shiseido InteGrate Design Veil – I highlit recommend the one in “Natural” for you (I have bronze) for a gentle contour effect.

    Here it is: