Artistry Colour Cosmetics; An Overview & Review of the range!

I always get excited when trying out a brand that is totally new to me. I got a selection of cosmetics from Artistry to try. I’ve never heard of the range before but it is supposed to be a skincare and colour cosmetics company – more about them here.

The packaging is simple stuff:


So that’s not madly interesting but the cases are lovely – the blusher I tried out came in this pretty compact with some crystal detail:#alttext#

It’s a plastic compact so is quite light.

Blusher duo in Sunset:


This blusher is really lovely – it’s got a light peach one one side and a darker peach with gold shot through it on the other side.

Although it’s quite a sheer powder I like it – makes it less likely to overdose on blush! I like this shade because I’m into peaches and corals anyway.

On my cheeks:


Love the blusher, score = 4/5

Here is the eyeshadow trio. This is in Tender:


It’s quite a neutral palette – a plum/brown, white and a mossy green. I think this would work quite week as an office palette but it is quite sheer. I prefer richer and more pigmented colours but if you were a bit scared of strong colours, this might give you the sheer finish you want:


Nevertheless I’d prefer something more pigmented than this.

Score: 2/5

I also got two retractable pencils in Opulent and Neutral:


I wasn’t sure what to think of these – I don’t have a great time with retractable pencils, however these were surprisingly good, creamy and pigmented. One is a rich chocolate brown and a rich black:


This worked nicely on my waterline too and being retractable makes it quite useful. It lasted for about 5 hours which is decent although it would be good if it was just slightly softer.

Score: 3.5/5

Finally I got the lipstick in Apricot Blossom:


It looks like quite a bold orange but this was my favourite product of the bunch! This is a beautiful soft peach-coral on the lips and it felt really hydrating and looked glossy. Staying power was about the same as for most glossy lipsticks so it needs to be reapplied:


Verdict: My favourite product was the lipstick and blusher – all in all an interesting range and worth checking out.

To buy Artistry make up go to to find your closest rep.

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  1. rhamnousia says

    They used to sell skincare ageeeeeeeeeeeeeees ago because I remember my friend’s mum had a “skincare event” at her house and they were showing Artistry products. Their face moisturiser was the first proper (meant for face) moisturiser I used. I was gutted when it finished because I couldn’t find where to buy it again.

    • Row says

      Hi Rhamnousia

      Ah so it was like Avon? It’s a bit trick to get hold of this brand but it’s worth investigating! It’s funny because my mum had a Ultima II cream I was obsessed with as a teenager but you can’t buy it any more! (I think)

  2. Jen says

    Loveeeeeeee that lipstick!! I so didn’t expect that colour to come out from that lipstick, but it’s definitely made me wanna hunt this brand down lol Also the blusher is very pretty, reminds me a bit of the RMK blushers. I love reading about new brands, means I can expand my collection haha

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      I know the blush and lipstick really surprised me! I like find new brands to play with too :)