Art Deco Nail Art Polishes

I spotted these on eBay – the sets were very affordable at £10 for 6 colours:


What’s cool about these is that they have tapered brush heads, meaning you use them for nail art – the odd dot here, the odd swirl – so easy to use too!

The colours:


I believe this is a US brand, and it’s pretty cool because there isn’t anything like this in the UK. You can of course use normal polish with a thin brush, but this is an affordable way to get a nice collection of colours.

The seller on eBay is 1000_ideas.

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  1. says

    If it’s the same Art Deco that makes the eyeshadow base, then it’s a German company. They sell a few AD products Stateside, but only skincare items, no makeup. :*(

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      It doesn’t look like the german one because the packaging and things are very bright and funky – art deco is minimalist and black normally. :)

  2. Katie. says

    I LOVE THESE NAIL POLISHES. I brought them to my friends house too, so i could do her nails for her and she loved them so much she got her own. I’m (hopefully) going to get more colours soon. I swear by these nail polishes. They are amazing, just then i used them to put coloured tips on my nails. Just wanted to mention how amazing they are. <3

  3. Rose says

    Heyaa, i have been searching for these for a while, as you said, the seller 1000_ideas sells them, but i dont kno how to search a seller, and i also cant find them on ebay!? … :( help