Art Deco Eyeshadow Haul – it is true love….

Art Deco shadows hail from Germany and are a drugstore brand.

I found a place that sells them in the UK (but will not ship to the US, sorry) and each eyeshadow was £4, and comes with a lid but can be placed into a palette with a solid magnetic base.

The website I bought from does not have swatches just little colour blocks so essentially I bought them blind:

That was my selection.

Actually two colours were swapped for me because they had sold out and I was given “similar” shades…hmm I was too tired to argue but it would have been nice to be given more of a consultation. AND…when I later went back to order two more shades (see below for why) I was told that they didn’t know if it was in stock untill I ordered it (fine), and when I did I asked them to please let me know if was not in stock, which they didn’t, so I presumed it was winging its way to me, one week later, I email them and they go, “Oh right, its not in stock.” Well, duh. Why do you think I specifically asked you if it was in stock or not? Cos the lady needs it for her venture! Anyway…(I still haven’t got them by the way).

For a spend of £50 you get some freebies, a lipstick, nail polish and lip gloss:

The lipgloss is very me! A caramel nude.

I had to try their eye base which is very popular on MUA:

This is very good. It looked hard but actually melts and has a creamy light souffleish texture. I lovve UDPP, but I have been using it less as it makes my shadows hard to blend. There are no such problems with this base; it is lovely and light and made my eyeshadow look fabulous.

Here they are in the magnum palette, which fits 10 and costs an extortionante £14.50:

It actually fits 11 if you don’t want to put some brushes in it (which I don’t). As ususal I’ve choosen cool colours, so I think I may get a cream for a highlight shade and a brown for some everyday wearabitliy to complete my collection.

I did a look today with the greens and was surpirsed; the colours are gorgeous and the qualiy of the shadows is very very high. Were talkin Shu Uemura high. Sometimes when you have a lot of make up like me, its not very often a shade makes you go “ooh”- because they tend to remind me of something I already own. Not so with Art Deco! I loved the greens, as they were smooth and complemented my brown eyes.

I highly highly recommend Art Deco shadows if you can find them ideally in person so you can test. :) Time for a German penpal?….

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Hmmm… Art Deco does look lovely; I wish we had it here, in the states. What are the prices like? Is is a budget brand, high-end brand, mid-range?

    For swatches, you might want to check out Raquel 13’s page:

    There’s not a lot of AD e/s, but I find its a bit helpful.

  2. lmtcb says

    Hi! Loving your website. :) Been searching for the ArtDeco palette and eyeshadows online, but couldn’t find a website that sells the lot. Could you please tell me what the URL is? Many thanks and keep up the good work! 😉

    – Linda

  3. Lea says

    Awesome, are they really nearly as great as Shu? How much did they cost. Maybe I can buy you some stuff from US and you buy me stuff from UK? We can be trading penpals. =)

  4. Row says

    MandyPandy – It is not quite bucket brand..or is it? it is £4 for an eyeshadows, but they are small, and around £7 for a lipstick(not that cheap).

    Oh I like Raquels page, she does such nice tutorials.

    IMTC – Yes sure, its on –
    They can’t tell you what is in stock though untill after you order, so I would chase them up a bit after you ordered so you know how long you will have to wait.

    Lea – They are as good as shu – yes I think they are! The colour range is not so good though.

    If you are interested in a CP email me! I can always help and vice versa 😉

  5. Sophia says

    Artdeco seriously ROCKS!! I love all mine! Here they have 4 euros each. Too bad we don’t have them all, I was looking for the bright blue of yours forever but it seems we don’t get it here, but we have plenty and we get all the LE collections too. I totally agree, the quality of the Artdeco e/s is amazing!!! It can beat Mac for sure even Shu and Stila!

  6. Anonymous says

    I’m from Germany and willing to swap!
    I’m intersted in OPI & Zoya nail polish, NYX, Ulta, Loreal HIP, MUFE and of course MAC!
    Mail me : or let me know via makeupalley (KittenDivine)

  7. Row says

    Hi Sophia – Yup I do really love them, excellent quality. I am a sucker for brights, which is why I ended up with a box of clashing colours!

    Hi Anoymous –

    Hopefully a US lady will get in touch with you! In the UK we don’t have Zoya nail polish, NYX, Ulta, Loreal HIP or MUFE! (All US brands) and MAC costs double here then it does in the US. So US ladies, this is the perfect chance to swap for some Art Deco!

    (And at 4 euros it is cheaper than in the Uk where is is £4, more like 6 euros)

  8. Sophia says

    Yes Row it’s cheaper. @ years ago i was even cheaper but lately the prices are up, unfortunately!
    Let me know if you need anything, you too Muse.
    My username in Makeupalley is Sophia17, and in Specktra Sophia84.

  9. Anonymous says

    My name is Lucy, by the way :)

    You could also transfer me the money via Paypal and I can get some items for you. Secured shipping is not that expensive within Europe. I’m not that familiar with UK brands, but I am likely to find something, too.

  10. Lea says

    Hey ladies,

    Just FYI, I’m in Los Angeles and I’m going to make a trip to a huge NYX store this weekend, maybe even ULTA, I also have some Loreal HIP pigments. Sorry but for both our security I will only do money transactions via paypal.

    Let me know:

  11. sandhya says

    Hi i m frm india goa i want to know where in india can i get the art deco lip gloss i needed the 51 shade if u could plz mail me thnx