Armani Price Inflation, much?

I am obsessed with Armani at the moment (although I think I’ve reached a point where there’s nothing else I really want on the counter for now. Do you get to that point too with some brands?)

I did see this gorgeous brush set – $100 on the Armani USA site.

travel brush set by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.jpg

It includes the mini blender brush, mini concealer brush, mini blush brush, mini eye shader brush, mini contour brush.

Price on my counter? £80.

My exchange rate calculator tells me it should be more like (even with the £ crappy exchange rate these days) £60.76 (to be exact).

Talk about mark up! No I don’t think I will be forcing someone to buy this now. I’ve noticed that Armani’s USA prices are a*little* bit too close to UK prices. There is something called an exchange rate, cha know!

What continental price mark ups get on your nerves?

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  1. steph says


    I get that with Canadian prices all the time, it drives me cray so I tend to just pick up those items when I’m in the states now

  2. Melia says

    I get really annoyed when I see drugstore items being marked up to the extreme where I live. L’oreal mascara for 16-18 euros, when I know that in the US it’s around $10, or in the UK for around 10 pounds. Even MAC or high end cosmetics have an insane mark-up. I refuse to shop at those prices. Thank God for internet shopping and Duty free!