ARK Skincare Age Prepare Review; Skin Clear Cleanser, Skin Purifying Masque & Hydrating Skin Response Serum

Skincare is a difficult thing to review – everyone has different skin concerns and it’s hard to recommend a product sometimes because it just depends on how your skin is at this moment it time…

With that in mind I find it hard to recommend skincare products unless I think it’s given me visible results. It’s been a while since that has happened, and as you can imagine, I do get to test a lot of products out.  Then there is Ark Skincare – what began as a casual metting as become a full blown love affair. 

ARK Skincare Age Prepare Review Skin Clear Cleanser Skin Purifying Masque Hydrating Skin Response Serum

My hormones are still all over the place – although it has been 7 months since I’ve had Baby H, I am still breastfeeding and getting symptoms like extremely dry and blotchy skin.  It’s up and down most of the time. 

I was sent a selection of products from Ark to try.  I have used the Cleanser, Skin Purifying Masque and Hydrating Serum for a good while now, and they are gems.

Ark Skincare is called ‘Age Aware Skincare’-  the range is divided up into 3 categories, age prepare, age maintain and age repair. 

The skincare recommends the right products for the right time in your life and age related needs.  For example these are how the base formulations vary depending on which age group it is for:

age prepare
Lipids: Avocado & Peach Lipids
Antioxidant: White Tea
Vitamin: E

age maintain
Lipids: Kiwi & Passion Fruit Lipids
Antioxidant: Blue Lotus
Vitamin: A

age repair

Lipids: Blackcurrant & Starflower Lipids
Antioxidant: Gojiberry
Vitamin: C

I am in the Age Prepare category (Teens to Early 30s) which is about taking preventative measures.  

The Age Prepare Skin Clear Cleanser 200ml  £22 (Not Pictured – I cant find the image!) is a pump dispenser soap freecleanser. It deals with combination skin (oily and day like mine) whilst leaving the skin comfortable. 

This also contains White Tea which is anti-microbial to help with spots.

I have been using this cleanser for a while now and it’s lovely. Maybe because it’s soap free, I find it none drying and leaves my skin soft and clean feeling.  I still like having a balm cleanser too but this is a really nice alternative for people who like a cleanser that lathers but without leaving the skin feeling taught. The only problem I have is if I am wearing tough make up, it doesn’t quite come off with one cleanse. 

Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque 75ml – £25

Despite having dry skin, I still suffer from congestion on my nose, chin, and skin near by nose. This purifying masque is like a mud mask (reminds me of my beloved Nars Mud Mask which I haven’t bought for a long time because of the price) and dries, but washes off easily (I hate masks that take forever to wash off!). 

This mask is good for congested skin as it absorbs oils and reduces the size ofpores. 

Ark Age Prepare Skin Purifying Masque

This should be used twice a week and left on for 10 minutes.  

I love this face mask!

ARK Skincare Age Prepare Review Skin Clear Cleanser Skin Purifying Masque Hydrating Skin Response Serum 1

It goes on quite thinly but when it sets, it dries and tightens the skin up as these mud masks seem to temporarily do. It reduces the appearance of pores (temporarily) and made my skin look really bright and healthy. Over the course of 3-4 days it brought out some zits (arghhh) but this is totally for the best, of course! 

 It reminded me very much of Nars Mud Mask which I truly love but at a better price point. 

Now the best product I tried;

Ark Skin Response Serum – Hydrating. 30ml – £39

Before I was sent these products (beautifully presented might I add), I had a skin analysis (you can do a skin assessment here and you get a £10 voucher to use towards an Ark product after) and hydrating was the serum recommend to me. 

There are 8 to choose from; Hydrating, Clearing, DeStress, Firming, Radiance, PhytoHormone, Anti-oxidant, Anti-Redness.

I am glad someone else chose for me because I can think of a few I need for my skin but obviously there was one serum that I needed the most! 

They say:

This serum provides immediate and highly concentrated hydration with Algae and Cucumber extracts. 

  • Contains a film forming complex of moisturisers that locks elevated water levels in the skin, plumping it up and protecting it against moisture loss.
  • Minimises the roughness caused by cracking and damage to the skin and maintains its barrier integrity.

ARK Skincare Age Prepare Review Skin Clear Cleanser Skin Purifying Masque Hydrating Skin Response Serum 2

The serum has a very runny texture like water, but as you rub it into your skin, you can really feel the oils.  It left my skin feeling a bit tacky for a few minutes afterwards which is quite a relief if your skin is parched. It smells slightly orangey to me but this could be because of the blend of oils in the serum.

With this serum you add just 2-3 drops into your moisturiser or directly on to your skin.  I must admit this serum is addictive and I’ve been using a bit more than 2/3 drops as my skin is so parched – so it has gone down quite quickly (I am half way through a bottle and it feels like no time!).

This is used as an intensive treatment over 6 to 8 weeks (which is how long a bottle should last). My skin is feeling much better because of this serum.

Other products on my hit list; 

The Pre-Cleanse – For taking the make up off before using the cleanser – I for one notice that when I am wearing make up it’s nearly impossible to get it all off with one face wash, so this kind of product would make things easier. 

The Plumping Lip Balm – Looks more like a lip cream or treatment than a balm.  I have very dry lips so this would be useful as a night time treatment. 

Firming Skin Serum & Skin Clearing Serum – Loving my hydrating serum but after that’s finished, I’d want to try treating some of other skin concerns; loss of firmness, and breakouts along with visible pores.  No idea if you can layer the serums but it would be amazing if you could! 


I am really impressed with Ark Skincare products – they seem to fit my skin -which is dry but congested and sensitive really well.  I putting these products into my ‘in use skincare box’ which I keep only my very favourite goodies!

Check out Ark Skincare Here 

*PR Sample
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