Are you a Sweaty Betty? Try Kobayashi Riff Underarm Sweat Sheets

Will you believe me if I say I’m not that sweaty? No?

Ok ok, fine I sweat.  I have this strange thing where the colder I am, the more I sweat.  Or maybe it’s the chills!

Recently in the UK it’s been a bit hot, but not nice hot, a really hot sweaty, humid hot. Urgh. Out of curiosity I purchased these Underarm Seat Pads by Riff:

RIFF Armpit Pads Anti Sweat

Oh don’t look at me like that.  Don’t you love how Japanese companies think of solutions for every problem?

There are 4 types of these pads which suit different kinds of clothing.

There’s White for light clothing and white shirts, Beige for light coloured clothing, Mini Beige for short sleeved tops and Black for dark clothing and jackets.

You stick these pads on the underarm area of your clothes:

Riff Underarm Sweat Sheets

The cotton itself is only 1mm thick, so it’s not noticeable on most clothing.  I say only, but if you were to wear something very thin, made of silk or chiffon, you may be able to see the puckering.

These pads absorb the sweat but they aren’t fragranced.  They do have a deodorising ingredient though. The other benefit is it means you can’t stain light coloured clothing with sweat!

It comes in a pack like this:

Riff Underarm Sweat Pads

Each pack comes with 10 pairs (so 10 wears).  Due to the cost I doubt this would be a regular wear thing for most people unless you find sweat is a real issue.  I do think they are handy if you know you may be in the situation of being very hot (ie. spending day in meetings and on public transport) and it also protects your clothes!

The sticky side is very good – this sticks well to your clothing although I would try and stick it right the first time and not move it about too much:

Riff Underarm Sweat Pads

The shape fits well to most shirts and tops, although with some you have to try and make sure you get the right fold, because where your top folds might not be where it folds on you!

I used this on a day when it was very hot and humid and I wore a sheer top. To be honest I don’t sweat sweat (like have actual wet patches!) but I wanted to see if it would have a deodorising effect and it really did which is great.

Riff Underarm Eye pads

If you want to use something like this regularly, then try using a thin panty liner instead. A friend of mine does this and it’s a cheap and easy alternative to sweaty problems!  I’d definitely use these pads again when I know I have a killer day ahead (ie. a full day prancing around London!) to keep me feeling really fresh.

Also I am not a huge fan of a lot of deodorants (I like solid stick ones that don’t contain metals) because they give me bumps under my pits so this is quite a gentle alternative.

I bought these from eBay for about £6 per box inc. shipping.

Would you try something like this?!

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  1. nia says

    i bought these too cuz apparently i am the super sweaty betty with the wet patches on underarms. and i do agree that its on the expansive side and that you have to find your own fold and not move it around after sticking it on the first time, cuz somehow it loose its stickiness and gets lumpy at all the wrong places. hmmph

    i do find it good at absorbing sweat, no more being embarrassed with wet patches!

    thanks for the tips of using panty liners, will try that one day~!

    • Row says

      Hey Nia!

      Oh yes that would be the worst, if it started bunching up and fell out or something. Eeeekkk!

      But great if you need some help there. I saw a vid where someone used pantliner and since you can cut them down to size, seems really useful!

  2. says

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  3. says

    Ha, I actually have been making something similar to those for myself, for the last few months. And, I absolutely love them. My axillary hyperhidrosis has not been cured, but I no longer am anxious and frustrated about sweating in my clothes. I call them Underarm Sweat Shields and you can take a look at how I make them, and make your own at: They are absorbant cotton pads that I attach to a single strap, and I wear them every single day, unless I have on a tank top or a dress. I hope this helps!