Apples and Pears, Apple and Pears: Skinfood Soothing Pear Body Gel Review

I lied to you, there are no apples in this body gel from Skinfood; it is all pears.

As I write this I am dreaming about a pear tart with some chocolate on top. Yum! Pears are nice I think, especially squishy ones and it’s a very inoffensive scent, one that I am quite fond of really.

Skinfood has a selection of Body Gels, in other unusual flavours like Quinoa!

Skinfood Soothing Pear Body Gel Review

I am really lazy when using body moisturisers, my skin lets me get away with it sometimes, other times I get quite itchy and flaky.  I just find it super boring waiting for cream to sink in, so the thought of a lightweight gel cheered me up no end!

I love the packaging, with a sturdy wide base and a pump, it’s a really good think to have on the dressing table, it won’t fall over and it’s easy to dispense.

It smells of fresh pears; nice, I like it and the texture is indeed a very light gel.

This is supposed to be soothing; I don’t know about that but it didn’t make me flare up or itch so that is a start!

The gel:Skinfood Soothing Pear Body Gel

The problem with a gel is that it is not as moisturising as a body butter or cream but like this one a lot because it is quite hydrating (although not the most hydrating if you have extra dry skin). It sinks in nicely so for me it’s an easy one to use every day without having to wait to put clothes on.
I also like the scent!
It doesn’t leave that weird film on the skin like gels can sometimes, which is a bonus too.
I bought this from eBay for around £12 including shipping.
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    Skin Food makes some really nice products.. I’m a huge fan. Their raspberry eye creams and the black sugar scrub are staples in my skin care routine. :) Thanks for the great review on the pear wash – I may pick it up, since I love fruit scents! Also love that it’s so light and clean.