Another reason to NOT buy from ASOS

Quick mini rant.

Know how I was moaning about ASOS?

So I promised myself that my order in April, a farce, would be my last, no matter gorgeous the models looked in their rags.

I did return one item a pair of Jeans – see I bought them in a Uk 12 – wayyyy to big so I changed them for a Uk 10 – please, I couldn’t even get them past my thighs!

So back it went for the final time. 2 weeks on I decide to check up the returns (I have a reciept for the return).

Turns out ASOS not only charge you for returning their badly fitting clothes, they will not take ANY responsibility or even CHECK to see if an item has returned.

I told them I had a tracking number. Says delivered, guv’nor.

The customer care department told me they ain’t bovvered about what my tracking slip says – they won’t check if something has been returned or if it has been cleverly stuck under a pile of rubble somewhere. Either you get an email saying that the items has been recieved or you don’t. End of. Tracking? Pah what’s that? We don’t care if Sue/Melvin/Rory/Serendipity signed for it. Computer says no.

Charming. I guess this means I need to deal with the lovely people at Royal Mail then and try and claim my hard earned £30 back for some jeans made ‘in the style of Jessica Alba’. That’s what you get for trying to look like Jess.

So let it be another warning to you. I have had good experiences with them sure, but never outstanding. Not outstanding enough to want to deal with the sort of company that has the ‘computer says no’ mentality. Online retailers should have a tremendous returns policy, and be extra helpful, no? Since we can’t visit them in person and they don’t have a phone number (always dodgy. Emails are easy to ignore, right?)

I yearn for some decent customer service, like I yearn for a decent bacon butty.

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