Another Day, Another BB: Melliesh Make Skin Base BB Cream Review

Everyone seems to be going mad for BB creams these days as bloggers find something new to try and Western brands are trying to make their own versions of the product.

I’ve tested tons of different BB products, but no where near as many as some other BB cream lovers, nevertheless I am trying to find the perfect one for me. I guess Hada Labo’s version is quite close but the colour is off.

I like Melliesh – it’s a Japanese brand, very cutesy, limited in range (lashes, blushers, lip glosses) and they have now ventured into BB.

Melliesh BB Cream

They have two versions, a cream BB ‘make skin’ and a powdered one which I also purchased.  Both come in presentation gift boxes…if I can call it that. Both come with an applicator, and with the BB cream it’s a very nice almond shaped sponge…

Japanese outer packaging is rarely so…boxy?!  The set is limited apparently.

You only get 30g of this BB cream. It’s pretty small.  There’s just one shade, ‘Natural Beige’.

Melliesh Make Skin Base BB Cream

I knew it would be too light for me, the average Japanese lady I am sure is lighter than me so that’s ok – I was going to warm it up with some bronzer any how.

But I really don’t like the colour. There’s a sort of ashiness to it, which many BB’s have anyway but this one in particular reminds me of ghostly make up. It also has a yellow edge to it…yellow…beige….I’m picturing a nauseous Tweety Pie:

Melliehe BB Skin Make Base Foundation

It’s pretty thick and rich, but then aren’t most BB creams?  I feel like it dries somewhat patchy on the skin, it’s SO thick that you need to be light handed with it and you need to really blend and massage to get it to settle to an even base.

I can’t see anywhere that there’s a SPF in this – it’s almost like a rule that all BB’s have insanely high SPF in it.  Perhaps it will photograph better without SPF..oh wait it doesn’t because it makes you look like a sick Tweety Pie.

On me – maybe it would look better if you were lighter and more yellow (I’ve come to realise I am yellow but also a bit brown too):

Melliesh BB Skin Make Base 1


I don’t like this – you get too much packaging to recycle, you get a teeny weeny amount of product and the colouring is just weird. I like the sponge though…I totally dig the sponge.

*I purchased this from eBay.

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  1. says

    That yellow would be perfect for me. But since you said it’s a bit hard to blend and it settles into dry spots. I guess it’s not for me.