Another BB Cream: SANA Quzulan Gelo Cover Liquid BB Essence SPF29 Review

I haven’t completely given up on BB creams yet and after reading Kathi’s review of SANA’s bizarrely named Quzulan Gelo Liquid BB Essence I figured that Shade 02 might actually work (Shade 01 was way too dark for Kathi).

SANA is one of my favourite Japanese brands! I figured I try a Japanese made BB product rather than a Korean one for once:


Quzulan Gelo is supposed to be a 6 in 1 product!

This product is supposed to be:

1. Foundation
2. Pore Cover
3. Concealer
4. Special Treatment
5. UV Protection
6. Makeup Base

Here is the imagery – I think the idea is that your skin will be a smooth as a statue!


The packaging – it’s simple but good, although you only get a puny 25ml!


Alas, shade 02 is still a tad too light for me – about a shade and a half I’d say. I think this would work up to a NC30. I really don’t like base products that are too light, I hate that ashy effect on my skin.

This liquid BB is quite a nice texture -I find most BB’s too thick and oily. This one doesn’t have those two problems which is an advantage


The coverage is decent. Here is my skin before:


After – it covers pores and redness quite well! It also conceals nicely under the eyes but I just wish it was a notch darker. I like that it does a lot of different things though – time saving!


Also I didn’t have any allergies or reactions to this.


Worth trying out if you want a all in one product and you have light skin.

I bought this from for about £11.

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  1. says

    I love this BB cream I have actually just run out of it. You know what I noticed though? Towards the end of the bottle….the product starts to oxidise more on my face. Perhaps I need to shake the bottle better!

    • Row says

      Hi Worship Blues

      Ahh I’ll give it a shake. Actually I might have to blog sale it :( it’s just a bit too pale

  2. says

    When you get products that are a little too light, do you mix them with darker shades to make them work? I’ve tried mixing a few before but the formula gets a little weird. I’d like it if a brand made small bottles of foundation lightener/darkener. (They probably do, but I haven’t found one!)

  3. Jen says

    Ahhhh I really want to try this bb cream, have heard great things about it. Thanks for reviewing, it’s good to know about the nice texture and the overall effect it gives on the skin. If I’m NC20 which shade do you think would be best, 01 or 02?

    btw your skin looks amazing in the first pic before you’ve applied the bb cream, looks flawless and no redness at all! What’s your secret?! (are you still using your Clarisonic?)

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      My skin isn’t so great up close! I am trying to get is as smooth and poreless as I can!

      Hmmm. Gosh I’m not sure if you are a 01 or 02. Take a look at Lotuspalace’s blog as she reviewed shade 1 which was far too dark for her. I am NC35 and 02 is about 1 shade too light for me?

  4. says

    I love that bright sheen it gives your face :) It’s quite nice. Your skin looks great even before the BB cream!

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      My skin is ok…from a distance! LOL! I look at it with a giant magnification mirror so all I see is flaws!

  5. Jen says

    Weirdly enough, the swatch of shade 1 on LotusPalace’s blog looks darker and yellower than the swatch of shade 2 on yours! I think it’s quite hard to tell online, I’d probably just go with shade 1 seeing as it’s supposed to be the lighter shade, and keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Tatiana says

    Hi. I´m brazilian. I bought the cosmetics Quzulan Gelo when I was in Japan last year, and I really liked it. But now, I don´t know how I can buy it at Brazil. Please, you can tell me? Thanks a lot.