Another BB Cream! Nip + Fab Sheer Make Up Fix BB Cream – Win One Here!

Nip + Fab’s newest release is the Sheer Make Up Fix (£14.95 for 30ml) is a multi tasking BB Cream (Clear Blemish Balm) which is supposed to even out the skin tone, improve skin texture and leave the skin soft, energized and youthful.

They say: Created with a unique formula this amazing beauty booster contains osilift® to firm, lift, smooth and soften wrinkles, hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid and calming, relaxing oat extract. Available in clear, this instant pick-me-up will leave you with a natural, youthful glow with or without make-up.

I haven’t got my mitts on this yet, so I can’t tell you if it qualifies as a BB Cream or how good/not good it is. Review coming up!

But because I love ya, I have 5 of these to giveaway!


Want to win one?

Note: The Nip + Fab Facebook page is here is you want to keep up to date with their new products and their twitter is @NipandFab.

So the giveaway!

Method 1.

Answer this question:

This is a perfecting tint/BB Cream right?  So tell me about 3 perfect moments you’ve had these last 3 months. Can be anything.


1. Wandering around the streets of London with 2 of my favourite funny people, Mr C and Megan my cousin.

2. Talking to the kitty about my week and her cocking her head sympathetically at me. Kitteh is not so judgemental after all!

3. Collecting a scrap book of ideas for a forthcoming project and realising that it all looks great! For once!

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @Cosmetic_Candy: Follow &RT to win a Nip+Fab BB Cream. Info:

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

– Winners choosen in a week

– If you don’t reply in 48 hours it goes to the next person on the list

– Prizes have no cash value, you cannot get something else in lieu etc. etc. don’t take the mick

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  1. Jamilla Camel says

    3 perfect moments:

    1. Got my walking boot after getting my cast off.
    2. Got rid of the walking boot and now wearing Fit Flops!
    3. I can do Toe Raises now with my newly restructured foot!

  2. Linda Brooks says

    3 perfect moments

    1. playing rough and tumble with my daughter 3 and son 2
    2. being allowed a lie in till 8 o’clok (whoo hoo!)
    3. going on my hen night and not ending up naked and tied to a lamp post


  3. says

    1. Trying on my wedding dress with the seamstress (wedding in six weeks!) and discovering it is TOO BIG! Yay!
    2. Discovering I have just enough points on my Boots card for a Chanel lipstick.
    3. Returning from a busy visit to my parents’ house and just sitting in my own house with my Mr, my little girl and my kitteh. And an orange kitkat. Nice.

    Lovely giveaway! You kind person! x

  4. tsunimee/liloo says

    I usually retweet competitions but I am sooOOOOoo not retweeting this one. This is too good 😛
    My perfect moments for the past month has been
    1) being off work for a whole month
    2) going to bed at whatever time I wanted
    3) waking up at whatever time I wanted.
    The result of that was that I spent my time sleeping, and not doing much at all. Hungry Vampire during the night and new age zombie during the day, with no energy.

  5. Inês says

    1. Finding out I have spare money for “investing” on huge hauls XD

    2. Being on holidays on Algarve without thinking too much on the problems ahead

    3. Reuniting with my pug after said holidays.

    Not anything special, but with the state my life is lately, these are pretty darn good!

  6. says

    1)Being away from school.
    2)Eating fondue while watching my favorite shows.
    3)Getting all the books I ordered in the mail <3

  7. says with my mom in Thailand for a whole week.
    2.I had a chance to enjoy original Thai food.
    3.Take a wedding photography for my husband’s best friends.

  8. KIM STAM says

    hiya my 3 perfect moments are
    1. seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets in greece with my boyfriend
    2. my godson saying he loves me for the first time
    3. eating a meat pie after 3 years!!!


  9. says

    3 perfect moments in the past 3 months?
    1. Getting into my first choice uni
    2. my boyfriend telling me I had an ‘amazing figure’ this morning..(I don’t but that’s not the point!)
    3. learning how to make spag bol!! woo

  10. annemarie says

    1. laying on the beach in mexico with my eyes closed just listening to the waves
    2. moving in at college
    3. basking in the sun in my backyard with my puppy!!!

  11. leah says

    3 perfect moments in the past three months
    1) my sons first birthday- seeing his little face light up priceless 😀
    2) my first mac purchase -peachstock lipstick
    3) passing my college course


  12. says

    1) When my summer holidays started
    2) Starting my new beauty blog!
    3) Going out with the family for a nice meal (even though the waitress was rude…)

  13. Alisha says

    1. visiting korea to see my family for the first time in 6years!
    2. my boyfriend telling me that he loves me
    3. shopping spree with my first big paycheck!

  14. Vicky says

    1. Graduating College: Finally done with school!
    2. Being able to practice show jumping again, after a three year break. I missed horses so much!
    3. My parents finally crossing the Atlantic to come see me for my graduation, showing them where I live and seeing them eat ribs and southern food!

  15. Kat says

    1. finding out I was pregnant, even if I had retroverted uterus.
    2. receiving a boxful of beauty products
    3. waking up early in the morning with fiance telling me i look beautiful


  16. bambangirl says

    3 perfect moments in the past three months

    1. Seeing my daughter going to playschool for the first time
    2. baking a proper cake:) for my father-in-law my birthday presents even my birthday will be next month :-)

  17. Michaela Williams says

    1. Have amazing surprise birthday party organized by my hubby.
    2. Finding our first house to buy with my lovely husband
    3. Having offer accepted on the house

  18. Katrina Foley says

    1.Walking along the beach with my daughter and dog on a warm September afternoon.
    2.Celebrating my daughters exam success despite her being disagnosed with epilepsy right in the middle of her exams.
    3.Watching a local band play and really getting into it.


    My 3 most perfect moments in the past 3 months are:

    1. Being offered my first permanent job in 16 years
    2. The day I started my job
    3. EVery day since!

  20. Julie Brett says

    Booking my wedding in Las Vegas for November
    Looking after my nephew for the weekend
    My best friend having a baby girl

  21. Jamie-Lee Norris says

    1. Celebrating my daughters birthday with her
    2. Qualifying as a nail technician
    3. Sat in front of the TV and entering this competition :-)

  22. Nathalie says

    Wow, I’m sooo entering this one because I heard so many good things about the BB creams but I haven’t been able yet to try one, so winning one here would be absolutely fabulous! :)

    My 3 perfect moments:

    Finally being able to get back to work after breaking my backbone
    Hearing both my little girls are going to the next class in school
    Winning tickets for the best musical I’ve ever seen (We Will Rock You, it was amazing! :))

    If I’m one of those five lucky girls who win this BB cream, one of the moments above could change… 😉

    I also tweeted about tgis giveaway, I’m really taking every chance I have to win this fab cream! Lol!
    My tweet’s here:

    Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :)


  23. says

    My 3 perfect moments have been:
    – Celebrating a friend’s 21st with my friends from school and it feeling like old times
    – Reaching 150+ followers on my blog. I never thought I’d get past 5!
    – Getting a Clarisonic!

  24. Maria Knight says

    My three perfect moment this month have been:

    1) Watching my 15 month old son and his daddy fall asleep together on the sofa (so cute)
    2) Winning a £300 designer handbag through a facebook competition that i entered on a whim
    3) Knowing after 3 months that moving away was the best decision we ever made!

  25. Rebecca says

    1. Having a free Chanel manicure while the manicurist compliments on my hands.
    2. Getting my GCSE results (OK that wasn’t this month exactly but it was under a month ago..)
    3. Seeing my close friend after months!

  26. Emily Ho says

    1. walking down the streets of hongv kong smelling those nice food stalls
    2. opening my as results and feeling joyed about my grades
    3. Going bck to school and seeing friends after 4 weeks :)

  27. Heather Simpson says

    My perfect moments

    1. When my little boy started primary one last month, him and his big sister looked so grown up.
    2. Celebrating my other half’s birthday at the beach with all his family and a surprise visit from a friend he hadn’t seen in years.
    3. Watching my two lovely children swim for the first time without armbands (and meaning I have to start saving for that summer holiday I promised!)

  28. Charlotte Cottam says

    I made a cake that looks perfect for once!
    My younger brothers finally went back to high school!
    I organised my wardrobe finally – looks brill!

  29. faye parker says

    1. My youngest little boy, giggling in that way only babies can (you know, the stuff that would make you your million if you could bottle) when using his big brother to climb and stand up all by himself.
    2. Sitting in a back to basics hun, in the middle of a forest. No electricity, no nothing. Just me, and my man. Knowing that even with 4 kids we can still find time for each other.
    3. End of summer holidays party, 1 garden, 1 bouncy castle. 15 amazing happy children :)

  30. Eleanor Wigmore says

    1, Fitting into the dress I thought I had definitely grown out of!
    2, Booking my flight to Indonesia to see my little sister.
    3, Tonight – me, my laptop, the soaps and a yummy dinner!

  31. Julie Harris says

    1. Spending the day with my 11 year old at the RSPCA Gala day surrounded by animals in the august sunshine.
    2. Lunch with my bf sitting in a seafront kiosk /cafe watching the kites and surfers.
    3. Unexpected bike ride along a cycle track with my friend and our children . They were soooo good !

  32. Dee says

    1) Finally paying off my mortgage after 30 years!
    2) Our nervous adopted feral cat allowing me to pick him up, it’s taken almost 2 years to win his trust.
    3) Winning £150 on the Irish Lottery!

  33. Jayne Hyman says

    1. Eating an amazing venison and caramelised pear salad my boyfriend made last month – I still daydream about it now!
    2. Pulling off a great make-up job on a zombie film I’m working on – I’m rarely satisfied with my own work so it was a great feeling!
    3. The great bath I had today – bubbles, classical music, candles and an empty house. Bliss!

  34. k walsh says

    1. getting my daughters mri scan results and seeing they were all clear -what a relief
    2. winning my works car rally and getting a massive box of choccies as a reply
    3. training my badly behaved border terrier to fetch my letters from the front door and bring them to me without eating them