Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencils

I got a thing for eye pencils. The latest that caught my eye were Anna Sui’s newish waterproof range;

Very pretty, in the Anna Sui way.  I choose 900 – Olive Green, 200- Violet and 500 – Brown.

The Olive green is stunning – just stunning.  It almost touches black but still looks like a dark metallic olive.  The violet pencil makes a change as its not aubergine or plum, its just a true bright purple.  It’s nice…but not a must have like the olive.  Finally the brown shade is interesting – its more of a warm-reddish brown than a cool copper brown yet there are lots of small gold flecks in it – beautiful yes, and quite an unusual brown.  I actually thought I had been sent a dark reddish plum by mistake.


They seem very long lasting and do come off on the waterline without much ado.  Lovely!  You can get these from Ichibankao.

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